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The home of the EX-MORMON LIVE SHOW! Monday-Friday 11 PM-12 PM MST.
Starting on Monday, November 23, 2015.


There will be a live chat where you can comment or you can send me any questions or comments to #EXMOLIVE on Twitter & I might respond to you during the live show. I will also be taking your live calls. The number to call in, is 435-363-9665 or 435-36EXMO5. I will take your live calls the last half hour of each show. Click here for all the info.


Enter your own amount..THANKS!

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4 comments to EX-MORMON LIVE SHOW!!

  • Anonymous

    I have a question. I’m a never Mo so I probably don’t know what i’m talking about. Why don’t the main stream Mormons, with all their billions of dollars, set up programs like have half way homes or rehab centers for polygamist trying to escape from their abusive lives. After all, the polygamist are the sisters and brothers of the mainstream Mormons. They pulled hand carts side by side with each other across the praire for gosh sakes.

  • demon of kolob

    Because the LDS church wants no association with polygamy today. They claim the FLDS and other mormon fundamentalists have no relation to them. They claim there no such thing as a mormon fundamentalist, this is of course a huge and obvious lie.

  • Please get un touch. I am realizing things that I was afried to know about The church.

  • demon of kolob

    Renee How do you want us to get in touch?

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