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EXMORMON RANTS #23-Better Off, Lucky & Happier DEAD!

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This is just a quick rant, discussing what is commonly said when someone tragically dies in MORmONISM, since it really doesn't fit "the plan" that they speak so much of, ALL THE TIME!

I review the most common phrases like "they're in a better place now", "they are now in peace", […]

EXMORMON RANTS #22-MORmON Perfection/Impossible Expectations

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This is a rant based on the MORmON goal of "PERFECTION" & IMPOSSIBLE EXPECTATIONS!

Utah is ALWAYS at or near the top in leading the United States in suicides(especially teen suicides) and anti-depressant use. It is 100% related to the MORmON CULT & their doctrines & teachings that every member should […]

EXMORMON RANTS #21-WOW..Gay Marriage Legal In Utah!!

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Demon of Kolob reacts to Gay marriage now being legal in Utah, thanks to a Federal judge. It was really a shocking moment for all..those for and against it!

I'm sure the MORmON CULT HIERARCHY NEVER saw it coming, like normal, despite their supposed "spirit of discernment", which of course has […]

EXMORMON RANTS #20-Perverted Boyd K Packer’s Little Factory!

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This is another great rant by Demon of Kolob on one of the most horrific, life-destroying, suicide causing talks ever given in MORmON Inc. history. It was given by the bigot & perverted, sex obsessed, NEXT-IN-LINE to be PROFIT, Boyd KKK Packer. He pervertedly & disgustingly talks in graphic details about little […]


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This GREAT rant by Demon of Kolob, is about the destructive force of MORmON Gossip!

They don’t care about the facts, TRUTH or reality..but just love to gossip, spread complete lies & think the worst of everyone. It’s in their DNA!

I believe it’s the “GOD-IN-EMBRYO” arrogance coming out that IS MORmON […]

EXMORMON RANTS #18-TRUE Cost of Temple Weddings/John Dehlin

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This is an EXMO RANT where I discuss the TRUE cost of a temple wedding.

This rant was inspired by Lori Crandall, who linked to a great post from RFM, over in our EX-MORMON ATHEISTS group on Facebook. Thank you so much Lori..you're the best and your strength and desire to […]

Mormonism Exposed-Race & The Priesthood

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In this podcast, Demon of Kolob and I discuss the just released announcement by the MORmON Inc. Hierarchy condemning ALL previous racism in the cult, which is laughable, since it was ALL Prophets and ASSpostHoles that taught it as doctrine of the “MORmON God.”

We discuss what this & future confessions […]

EXMORMON RANTS #17-Church is NOT perfect!!

Demon of Kolob discusses the famous old Mormon saying: "The Church is perfect, the people aren't!"

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As he 100% correctly points out, the "Church" IS THE PEOPLE! Take away the people & there is NO CHURCH..I like to say that it's only as "perfect" as the people!

How can they […]

EXMORMON RANTS #16-Black Friday Orgy

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Demon of Kolob expresses his complete disdain for the annual Black Friday Orgy & congratulates all those that didn’t participate in it!

Showing such individualism is very dangerous Demon says, because next, you might admit that Joseph Smith wasn’t a Prophet..LOL! Good Job Demon!!

Just for the record..I didn’t participate..in the stores […]

EXMORMON RANTS #15-Ukraine Missionaries & Safety

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I discuss how missionaries(sisters in this example) in the Ukraine are literally being left to die in the middle of the political unrest(which has gotten far worse since I recorded this podcast on 12-2-2013)..it’s very tragic & I hope they remain safe.

The MORmON Hierarchy IS NOT looking after them or ensuring […]