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EXMORMON RANTS #32-Joe’s Head In The Hat Trick

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This rant is about Joseph Smith’s TRUE manner of “translating” the Book of MORmON VS. what we’ve all been taught & shown our entire lives.

Only recently, in the church’s bogus/half TRUTHS “TOPICS” pages, have they actually admitted that Joe did it by putting a peep stone(found in a lady’s well) […]

EXMORMON RANTS #31-Are Mormons Christian?!

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This is Demon of Kolob's definitive answer to whether Mormons are Christians! Mormons claim they are & most Christians claim they aren't..Demon will set the record straight!

EXMORMON RANTS #30-Valentines Day Massacre!

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This an intense rant by Demon of Kolob on what his true thoughts are about Valentines Day & how badly the MORmON CULT treats single people & it ain't pretty!

EXMORMON RANTS #29-Civil Weddings Before The Temple?!

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There is a rumor that maybe, just maybe the hard-hearted, cruel, vile, we don’t give a damn about you MORmON Hierarchy, is about to change a long-standing policy that has long stood, in order to further fill their coffers.

That is the requirement to get married in the temple FIRST, unless you […]

EXMORMON RANTS #28-32 Story Building/Mall In Philly

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This is a rant about the MORmON CULT’S new 32 story building in Philly, that will be an apartment/townhouse/mall.

Apparently they love Jesus’ $5 BILLION mall in Salt Lake City so much, that they […]

Mormonism Exposed #9-Demon On Working For The MORmON Cult

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This is a great podcast with Demon of Kolob, as he reflects back & describes his time working for the MORmON CULT, A.K.A., MORmON Inc & the poor working conditions, lousy pay & harassment he suffered while working there.

He also discusses how ridiculously cheap & behind they are when it comes […]

EXMORMON RANTS #27-Can’t Put Genie Back In The Bottle!

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This is a GREAT, PASSIONATE & very personal rant by Demon of Kolob as he describes how he's feeling, after being asked by his mom, if there is anyway he could return to the MORmON CULT for her.

This is a powerful rant that speaks for itself!

This is what MORmONISM does […]

EXMORMON RANTS #26-Monson Lawsuit-NO JOKE!

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This rant is about the current lawsuit regarding the MORmON PROFIT ThomASS Monson in the U.K., who is being sued for fraud. I'll provide all of the links & documentation on EXMORMON RADIO.

Win, Lose or draw in court, the damage is done, the cat is out of the bag & their […]


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This is a rant about MORmON Pedophiles & the MORmONS that actually defend them!!

How sick are these people?! What kind of sick person do you have to be to defend MORmON Pedophiles or ANY PEDOPHILES?!!

The church comes ever before children?!

These MORmONS don't care at all about […]