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Blair Watson-2006-How Mormonism Wounds And Self-Esteem

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Blair Watson-2006-“How Mormonism Wounds, Self-Esteem and What You Can Do About It.”

Blair Watson, military critic, author and journalist, former pilot, and dear friend of many passed away on October 3, 2014. He was only 50 and was looking forward to some exciting new projects.

Blair was a frequent contributor to the Ex-Mormon and Post-Mormon chat boards. He volunteered countless hours over the years to provide encouragement and informed advice to thousands.

Being required to attend church from the age of five, he understood the struggle to leave the faith while maintaining family connections. He wrote candidly about the fear, shame, and guilt associated with Mormonism. As he and his family experienced, the financial costs are also significant.

As he researched the historical realities and financial facts of Mormonism, Blair felt his trust had been abused by the church. His time and energy were also depleted on a difficult mission to Peru.

He struggled to break free (and happily did eventually) and felt compelled to help others. Blair spent nearly three years researching and writing the Latter-day Saint Swindle: The Mormon Church’s $200-Billion Scam.

Although a professional work of non-fiction, he would often burst into laughter at the ridiculousness of the facts that he uncovered.

He hoped that along with being informed, readers would be equally entertained.

As mentioned, on October 3, 2014, Blair Watson (I believe his screen name was FreeAtLast) died suddenly. He was my partner and friend for many years.

In that time, he often spoke about the Recovery from Mormonism site and attended a conference in Vegas. He loved to tell me about people who found the courage to build new lives away from the church. He was a wonderful person who genuinely wanted to help people.

Blair spent much of his last three years working on the book Latter-day Saint Swindle: The Mormon Church’s $200-Billion Scam.

To honour his memory, I am sharing his ebook for free at:


Here is a direct link to download the book:


Blair also created a webpage to share his insights into the Psychology of Mormonism.

Thank you Blair for all that you did & for all those that you helped..you will be greatly missed, but your words & research will live on forever & continue to help many!

Rest in peace friend!

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1 comment to Blair Watson-2006-How Mormonism Wounds And Self-Esteem

  • Maria

    Blair Watson fue un gran amigo, yo lo conocí personalmente en la misión,él fue mi lider de distrito y nos llevabamos muy bien, lindos momentos compartidos y sabios consejos me dió, pero lamentablemente recién lo encuentro y me doy con esta triste noticia, lamentablemente no puedo leer su libro porque esta en inglés, si alguna vez sale en español, me gustaría que me avisaran, descansa en paz amigo mio.

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