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Brent Metcalfe-2006-Re-Visioning The Book of Abraham

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Brent Metcalfe-2006-“Re-Visioning the Book of Abraham: Criticism Beyond Apologetics And Polemics.”

Brent Metcalfe wrote: “New Approaches to the Book of Mormon” which you can read here for free: http://signaturebookslibrary.org/?p=10079

( Note: At about nine minutes into Brent’s presentation, we began receiving significant interference on our FM radio gear. Unfortunately, this tainted the source recording, and there’s just no effective way to remove it. It sounds like a commercial of some sort. It goes away a minute and a half later.)

You can also listen to Brent’s 4 part podcast with John Dehlin on Mormon Stories: Parts 1 and 2:


Parts 3 and 4:


From the Mormon Stories page:

Few people had more of a front-row seat than Brent Metcalfe to the goings-on surrounding Mark Hofmann, the “Salamander Letter,” and the tragic events of October 1985 — what would be dubbed as the “Mormon Murders.” As a personal friend and research assistant for both Steve Christensen and Mark Hofmann, Brent Metcalfe watched the whole episode unfold right before his eyes.

In Part 1, Brent talks about his early days in the Church and his time working for Church security. He also talks about his early forays into Mormon studies.

In Part 2, Brent describes working for and with Steve Christensen and Mark Hofmann, the Salamander Letter episode, and the bombings that took the lives of Steve and Kathy Sheets.

In the highly anticipated follow up to our first interview, Brent Metcalfe continues his story.

In Part 3, Brent discusses the aftermath of the Hofmann murders, including the trial and Hofmann’s eventual plea deal. He also discusses the events leading up to, and including, his excommunication.

In Part 4, Brent examines some of the issues surrounding traditional approaches to the Book of Mormon.

A special thanks to Brent, who was feeling significantly under the weather during our interview, for sticking it out to deliver what amounts to one of the more fascinating Mormon Stories interviews.

Download Brent’s Handout from the EXMO Conference. This helps in understanding the latter half of his presentation:


Thanks Brent for sharing your incredible and personal experiences, after all that you’ve been through!

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