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EXMORMON RANTS #52-Valentine’s Day Massacre #2

This is Demon's annual rant on what he REALLY thinks of Valentine's day! Prepare yourself and strap yourself in, as he does NOT hold back!! This is his best and strongest Valentines day rant yet!!! MP3 File

EXMORMON RANTS #51-Demon/Missionaries in Park City

Demon of Kolob, in Park City, back in December of 2015, debating the missionaries at the Mormon's "Park City Family Tree Center" or "ancestry center."

They discuss the recent revelation from Jesus or their new GAY HATE DOCTRINE and things get interesting, quickly. It's pretty clear who is educated on the subject and has […]

The Launch of The EX-Mormon Live Show! Monday-11-23-2015 at 11PM!

On Monday, November 23, 2015, I will be officially kicking off the 1st ever, DAILY, EX-MORMON, WORLDWIDE, LIVE TALK SHOW! I can’t wait!

The show will be from 11PM-12 Midnight, Monday-Friday. I’ve been getting everything ready for the last few months or so & I’m almost ready to go & have just been perfecting […]

Hans & Birgitta Mattsson: From 70 to 65..A Journey Before & After The NY Times Article

MP3 File


Hans & Birgitta Mattsson-2015 EXMO Conference.

“From a Seventy to Sixty-five: A Journey Before and After the NY Times Article”

Hans Mattsson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1950. He has a twin brother and two older brothers. The whole family were faithful Latter Day Saints. Hans is third generation […]

Ballard-Utah South Area-9-13-2015

MP3 File

This is an audio recording of Mormon Apostle M. Russell Ballard’s 9/13/2015 Utah South Area Talk.

Deseret News coverage:




Here is an excerpt, talking about those that leave the church & why(a clue..SATAN of course):

When someone stops doing these simple but essential things, they cut themselves from […]

M. Russell Ballard-“We Don’t Know We’re Dead When We die!”

MP3 File

This audio(that I recorded..I own the copyright!) is from a Stake Conference I attended, where M. Russell Ballard stated that we would be doing genealogy in the next life & then repeatedly stated: "we don't know we're dead when we die", claiming that his Grandpa Melvin J. Ballard, an Apostle, taught this […]

Boise Rescue-Turley Jr. and Oaks-June 13, 2015

MP3 File

An audio recording of a meeting held June 13th, 2015 in Boise, Idaho. Some are calling it, appropriately, “The Boise Rescue”, like the attempted, but failed rescue and fiasco they tried over in Sweden, where they embarrassed themselves and didn’t answer any questions.

Dallin H Oaks and Richard E Turley Jr. […]

Duwayne Anderson-2005-Lies, Damn Lies & LDS Statistics

MP3 File

Duwayne Anderson-2005-Lies, Damn Lies & LDS Statistics.

Ken Clark-2005-Mormonism and Mental Health

MP3 File

Ken Clark-2005-"Mormonism and Mental Health."

Ken Clark was employed by the LDS Church as a Church Education System (CES) teacher for 27 years. He resigned his employment and church membership in 2002.

Thanks Ken!

Tom Donofrio-2005-Book of Mormon Tories

MP3 File

Tom Donofrio -Book of Mormon Tories-2005

Tom was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. He served a 2 year mission in Tempe, Arizona where he returned to live. Tom was a Church employee for 10 years as an HVAC tech.

Tom terminated his employment and later resigned his membership in the […]

Tal Bachman-2005-The Case for Truth!

MP3 File

Tal Bachman-2005-The Case for Truth!

Tal Bachman is an internationally recognized singer-songwriter from Canada. Raised strictly in the Mormon church, Tal spent two years in Argentina performing missionary work.

Later, after 2 years of deep research, he discovered the truth about the lies & fraud of Mormonism, Tal resigned his […]

Open Mic Friday-2005

MP3 File

Open Mic Friday-2005-GREAT as always..thanks everyone for sharing your stories!

Panel-2006-Jarom Smith,Dennis Farley,Sandy Crain-Gilkenson & Tracy Bachman

MP3 File

Panel: "The Road Less Travelled", with Jarom Smith, Dennis Farley, Sandy Crain-Gilkeson and Tracy Bachman.

Brent Metcalfe-2006-Re-Visioning The Book of Abraham

MP3 File

Brent Metcalfe-2006-“Re-Visioning the Book of Abraham: Criticism Beyond Apologetics And Polemics.”

Brent Metcalfe wrote: “New Approaches to the Book of Mormon” which you can read here for free: http://signaturebookslibrary.org/?p=10079

( Note: At about nine minutes into Brent’s presentation, we began receiving significant interference on our FM radio gear. Unfortunately, this tainted […]

Arza Evans-2006-Post-Mormon Feelings, Challenges and Freedom

MP3 File

Arza Evans is a retired college professor from Utah who grew up thoroughly indoctrinated with Mormonism. He went on a full time Church mission, served in several bishoprics, and worked in an Latter Day Saints temple.

About age forty he began some serious research into early Mormonism history that led to […]

Blair Watson-2006-How Mormonism Wounds And Self-Esteem

MP3 File

Blair Watson-2006-“How Mormonism Wounds, Self-Esteem and What You Can Do About It.”

Blair Watson, military critic, author and journalist, former pilot, and dear friend of many passed away on October 3, 2014. He was only 50 and was looking forward to some exciting new projects.

Blair was a frequent contributor to […]

Simon Southerton,Ph.D.-2006- Losing a Lost Race

MP3 File

Simon Southerton, Ph.D.: “Losing a Lost Race: From Radishes to DNA and Outer Darkness”.

Simon G. Southerton is an Australian plant geneticist. Southerton published the book Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church.

The book uses genetic evidence to examine the historical accuracy of the Book of Mormon […]

Linda Walker & Flora Jessop-2006-The Church & Child Abuse

MP3 File

Linda Walker and Flora Jessop: “The Church, Child Abuse and the Law: Case Studies of Civil Complaints”.

Flora Jessop (born 1969) is an American social activist, author, and advocate for abused children.

Jessop grew up in Colorado City, Arizona. She was raised in a polygamous family, with two mothers and twenty-seven […]

Bob Part Deux-2006-The Lunch Session

MP3 File

Bob Part Deux: “The Lunch Session”

Calgary, Canada –Tax lawyer Bob McCue was once a Mormon Bishop, but now he’s considered an apostate.

Like many members of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints (LDS/Mormon) McCue has a large family. His family has a history in the church that goes back generations, […]

Bob McCue-2006-The Post-Mormon Metamorphosis

MP3 File

Bob McCue: “The Post-Mormon Metamorphosis: How to Maximize Creation and Minimize Destruction”.

Calgary, Canada –Tax lawyer Bob McCue was once a Mormon Bishop, but now he’s considered an apostate.

Like many members of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints (LDS/Mormon) McCue has a large family. His family has a history […]

Greeting, Introductions & Announcements-2006

MP3 File

Welcome, Introduction,Greetings and announcements from the 2006 EXMO Conference.

Sunday Morning 2007 with Janet Jacobson, Bill & Mel Gardiner

MP3 File

Bill Gardiner, former CES employee, and two “liberated ladies”: Bill's wife Mel Gardiner, born and raised in a Mormon family of 13 children, and Janet Jacobson, convert at 18, divorced mother of 5.

They spoke about the way we can learn to leave guilt behind and find passion for life again […]

Dan Fischer-D.D.S-2007-Life As A Fundamentalist

MP3 File

Saturday's dinner speaker was Dan Fischer, D.D.S., former member of the FLDS church.

While maintaining his dental practice, along with research and development of dental materials and procedures, he has created Smiles for Diversity, a nonprofit foundation committed to preventing hate crimes by promoting diversity and multicultural awareness.

As a […]

Ray Hult & Nanette Martin Panel-2007-A Road Less Traveled

MP3 File

Raymond A. Hult is a retired FBI Special Agent (1971-1998) and former Mormon bishop.

A fervent follower for most of his adult life based primarily on unquestioning faith, he finally determined to subject Joseph Smith to the same objective credibility standards afforded the suspects of his numerous criminal investigations.

The […]

Art Vanick-2007-Who Really Wrote The Book of Mormon?

MP3 File

Art Vanick is one of the authors of “Who Wrote the Book of Mormon?: The Spalding Enigma”.

Art has been interviewed many times on radio programs about his book, and has lectured to groups about the research that was done for this book.

F.A.R.M.S. has taken the time to write […]

Bob McCue-2007-Damage Control,Healing & Growth

MP3 File

Bob McCue returned for his 2nd presentation, titled “Damage Control, Healing and Growth in Post-Mormon Relationships: Sisyphus, Icarus and the Holy Grail”.

Brian Patrick-2007-Burying The Past

MP3 File

Burying the Past: Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre is a 2004 documentary film about the Mountain Meadows massacre. It was directed by Brian Patrick and has won 11 awards.

Since it is the 150th anniversary of the darkest moment in Mormon history – the Mountain Meadows Massacre – U. of […]

Lyndon Lamborn-2008-Chased Out Of Mormonism

MP3 File

Lyndon Lamborn-2008-Chased Out Of Mormonism-“

Lyndon Lamborn:

“When I first confronted my bishop about my findings and questions, he immediately went into ‘damage control’ mode. I mentioned in confidentiality that I had been discussing the issues with my brothers. The following week, my bishop had contacted the bishops of ALL my […]

Science, Homosexuality, and Mormonism-2008

MP3 File

Science, Homosexuality, and Mormonism discussed at the 2008 EXMO Conference.

Steven Hassan-2008-Releasing The Bonds

Steven Alan Hassan (born 1954) is a licensed mental health counselor who has written extensively on the subject of cults. He is the author of Combating Cult Mind Control and Freedom of Mind. Brainwashing, cult and undue influence expert.

MP3 File

Steve is the author of three books on the subject of destructive […]

Ken Clark-2008-Lying For The Lord

MP3 File

Ken Clark was employed by the LDS Church as a Church Education System (CES) teacher for 27 years. He resigned his employment and church membership in 2002.

Here is a page over on Mormon Think dedicated to Ken & it includes links to the video of this talk


Thanks again […]

Leading The Way-2008

MP3 File

EXMO couples sharing their stories at the 2008 EXMO Conference. Thank you!

Open Mic Friday-2008

MP3 File

This is the awesome Open Mic from the Friday, 2008 EXMO Conference. It's great & powerful as always! Thanks everyone for sharing your stories!

Welcome, introduction & Greeting-2008

MP3 File

This is the Welcome, Introduction & Greeting from the 2008 EXMO Conference..ENJOY!

Peter & Mary Danzig-2009-Orchestrating Our Way To An Authentic Life

MP3 File

Sunday, October 11, 2009 10:00 AM – 11:30: “Orchestrating Our Way to an Authentic Life”

Peter & Mary Danzig are former members of the LDS church who resigned after Peter was threatened repeatedly with excommunication for his views on homosexuality and the lack of protections against ecclesiastical abuse within the LDS […]

Post Game Show-Sat-2009

MP3 File

Post Game Show audio of Sat-2009 EXMO Conference.

William Lobdell-2009-The Truth About Ex-Mormons & Others Who Lost Their Religion

MP3 File

Saturday, October 10, 2009 8:15 – 9:30 PM: “The Truth About Ex-Mormons and Others Who Lost Their Religion”

William Lobdell, 48, is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir, "Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America — and Found Unexpected Peace".

William became a […]

LaTayne Scott-2009-Writing Your Way Out of the Mormon Mirage

MP3 File

Saturday, October 10, 2009 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM: Breakout Session 2: “Writing Your Way Out of the Mormon Mirage”

Latayne C. Scott is the award-winning author of over a dozen books, published by major publishers such as Zondervan, Moody, Baker, Word and others. In addition, she has published poems, radio […]

Richard Packham-2009-Joseph Smith’s Language Problems

MP3 File

Saturday, October 10, 2009 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM: Breakout Session 1: “Joseph Smith’s Language Problems – A Linguist Looks at Mormonism"

Richard Packham was raised in a fifth-generation Mormon family in "Zion", graduated from BYU, married in the temple, and had no doubts about the church until he began studying […]

In the Shadow of the Temple-2009

MP3 File

Saturday, October 10, 2009 2:30 – 4:00 PM: Premier of Documentary: “In the Shadow of the Temple”

Karen Di Milia and Dennis Lavery are documentary filmmakers in Portland, Oregon. Their collaboration began two years ago with the creation of Pepita Productions.

The mission of their production company is to examine the […]

Craig Criddle-2009-Who Really Wrote The Book of Mormon?

MP3 File

Saturday, October 10, 2009 10:45 AM – 12:15 PM: “Authorship – Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?”

Craig Criddle is a Professor and Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University, having taught at Stanford since 1998. His research focus is environmental biotechnology.

Craig was born into a […]

Charles Larson-2009-Challenging The Anti-Mormon Label

MP3 File

Saturday, October 10, 2009 9:00 – 10:30 AM: “Challenging the Anti-Mormon Label – One Writer’s 20-Year Odyssey”

A native of Michigan, Charles Larson developed an early appreciation for history by spending his boyhood on one of the earliest farms to have been settled in that part of the country. That appreciation […]

Saturday welcome/Post-Mormon Update-2009

MP3 File

This is the Saturday Welcome audio & Post-Mormon update from the 2009 EXMO Conference.

Open Mic Friday-2009

MP3 File

This is the audio of the Friday "Open Mic" from the 2009 EXMO Conference. It's great to hear everyday people share their stories & experiences while leaving Mormonism.

Thank you to EVERYONE that has had the courage to leave & to share your story with all of us. You are helping […]

Welcome, introduction & Greeting-2009

MP3 File

This the audio of the Welcome,Introduction & Greeting from the 2009 EXMO Conference.

Shane Jackman-2010-Coffeehouse Music

MP3 File

With half a million miles and over a thousand concerts in the rearview mirror, Highway Records recording Artist Shane Jackman is the consummate performer.

Surpassing 150 concerts a year in the college theaters, festivals and grass roots halls, Shane has amassed a substantial national following.

He has shared the stage […]

David Jorgensen-2010-Coffeehouse Music

MP3 File

Born and raised in Cedar City to a devout Mormon family, David Jorgensen was a rebel without a cause until he became an ex-Mormon in the early nineties.

Since then, he has seized every opportunity to educate people on the dangers of spiritual dependence on Mormonism.

He has immersed his […]

McCall Erickson-2010-Coffeehouse Music

MP3 File

McCall Erickson is part singer-songwriter, part storyteller, and part comedian who knows how to hold an audience in the palm of her hand. With her emotionally candid songwriting style and her sultry, passionate vocals, she draws people in with inescapable creative force.

While on stage she shares her songs, stories, and […]

Otter Creek-2010-Coffeehouse Music

MP3 File

Peter and Mary Danzig are former members of the LDS church who resigned after Peter was threatened with excommunication for his views on homosexuality and ecclesiastical abuse within the church.

Prior to their resignation from the LDS church they both served full time proselytizing missions, and were founding members of the […]

Jean Bodie-2010-Good Works In A Post-Mormon World

"Good Works in a Post-Mormon World"

MP3 File

Jean Bodie was born in Dorset, England in 1944 and joined the LDS Church in 1967. She immigrated to Canada the following year, and now lives in the Edmonton area with her husband Jim.

During Jean's years as a faithful member of the church, […]

Jeff Sharlet-2010-C Street-Fundamentalist Threat to America

MP3 File

Author of "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power."

Jeff Sharlet is an American journalist and author best known for writing about religious subcultures in the United States. He is the author of "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power" (Harper, 2008), a […]

Jim Whitefield-2010-Will The Real Joseph Smith Please Stand Up!

MP3 File

"Will the Real Joseph Smith Please Stand Up"

Jim Whitefield is an international author who has published a series of three books under the title "The Mormon Delusion" in a hard hitting analytical expose' of the truth behind the Mormon Church.

Jim converted, along with his mother at age fourteen […]

Pamela McCreary-2010-What’s in Your Teapot?

MP3 File

"What's in Your Teapot? — Strategies for overcoming the Teapot Mentality — the need to please that leaves you feeling empty, drained, and unable to find the powerful steps to your authentic life"

Pamela McCreary is an award-winning author, actor, television producer and keynote speaker.

Professionally, Pamela has run the […]

Open Mic Friday-2010

MP3 File

Open Mic Friday, where the attendees share their experiences in leaving Mormonism. This is the highlight of every EXMO conference. THANKS EVERYONE!

Welcome, Introduction & Greetings-2010

MP3 File

Welcome, Introduction, & Greetings by Sue Emmett, Conference Chair & Chad Spjut, President.

Music & Spoken Word-2011-Coffeehouse Edition

MP3 File

Beautiful music by these very talented people: Shane Jackman,David Jorgensen,McCall Erickson,Otter Creek (Peter & Mary Danzig)..THANK YOU..ENJOY!!

Emily Pearson-2011-Dancing With Crazy

MP3 File

This was Emily Pearson’s great talk at the 2011 EXMO Conference entitled “Dancing With Crazy”, which is the title of the book she wrote. She has an amazing story to tell & I’m just glad she survived all that she has gone through. WOW!

Thank you Emily for sharing your life […]

Richard Packham-2011-The Everlasting Gospel In The Ever Changing Church

MP3 File

The Everlasting Gospel in the Ever-changing Church.

Richard's AWESOME website:


Dr. Marlene Winell-2011-Leaving the Fold

MP3 File

Speaking at the annual ExMormon Foundation Conference, October 2011, Dr. Marlene Winell discuss Religious Trauma Syndrome in her talk, "Leaving the Fold." It ncludes CNN clips re. a killing in CO and begins a presentation about how religion can be damaging.

I will post the videos on her page on EXMORMONRADIO.com


John Larsen-2011-Creative Iconoclasm

MP3 File

Creative Iconoclasm – Finding ways to challenge traditional institutions and cherished belief.

Open Q & A-2012: You Wanted to Ask What?!

MP3 File

You Wanted to Ask What?– Open Q&A with a panel of Saturday's speakers.

Wade Wilson/Raptor Jesus-2012-Post Traumatic Mission Disorder

MP3 File

Post Traumatic Mission Disorder: How to Keep Your 'Two Best Years' from Ruining the Rest of Your Life:

Wade grew up in the church in Utah, and his family came from multi-generational pioneer stock. Although church was devastatingly boring, he remained faithful and served a mission so as not to be […]

Lori Fazzino-2012-The Road to Deconversion & Life Afterwards

MP3 File

Becoming Unsaved The Road to Deconversion and Life Afterwards:

Lori has a masters degree in Sociology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she is continuing her doctoral work on New Atheism and communities of non-believers.

Her research interests span across several sub-fields of sociology including culture, religion, […]

Grant Palmer-2012-My Ah-Ha Moments

MP3 File

The Best "Ah-Ha" Moments Researching Mormon History:

Grant is the author of An Insider's View of Mormon Origins (Signature Books, 2002) and The Incomparable Jesus (Kofford Books, 2005).

He has also penned articles for the Salt Lake Tribune, Sunstone Magazine, The John Whitmer Journal and the Midwestern Journal of […]

Sue Emmett-2012-Zion in the White House?

MP3 File

Church vs. State Issues in the Military, Congress and our Public Schools.

Is Mormonism lining up with the Fundamentalist and Dominionist intrusions occurring in these institutions?

Sue grew up in Portland, Oregon in a very devout, deeply involved Mormon family. Gr.Gr. Granddaughter of both Brigham Young and Erastus Snow, […]

Tom Donofrio-2012-Colonial Influences in the Book of Mormon

MP3 File

Book of Mormon Tories, Part Deux. American Colonial Influences in the Book of Mormon:

Tom Donofrio was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. He served a 2 year mission in Tempe, Arizona where he returned to live.

Tom was a Church employee for 10 years as an HVAC tech. […]

Welcome & Open Mic-2012 EXMO Conference

MP3 File

Open Mic for Conference Attendees on Friday Oct 19, 2012.

Open Q and A-2013

MP3 File

You Wanted to Ask What?– Open Q&A with a panel of Saturday's speakers.-October 2013.

Kay Burningham-2013-Are Mormon Leaders Above The Law?!

MP3 File

"Are Mormon Leaders Above the Law? Fraud in the Inducement and Mormonism: An Historic and Contemporary Look"-

Kay Burningham graduated J. Rueben Clark Law School in 1982, clerked in San Francisco and initially worked as an insurance defense attorney in Southern California. She was appointed as a volunteer Judge Pro Tem/Civil […]

Chris Johnson-2013-How Book of Mormon Destroyed Mormonism!

MP3 File

Chris grew up in a conservative LDS home in British Columbia, Canada and had various spiritual experiences that lead him to going on a mission. He served diligently on his 2-year mission in Japan, in spite of his father's unexpected death.

Chris returned home, went to college and married in […]

Richard Packham-2013-Truth Will Prevail!

MP3 File

Truth Will Prevail: All About Proof, Evidence, Fallacies and Lies-Richard Packham was raised in a fifth-generation Mormon family in Zion, graduated from BYU, married in the temple, and had no doubts about the church until he began studying church history and doctrine intensively in his 20s. His leaving the church cost […]

Richard Packham-2013-Free Masonry & The Endowment

MP3 File

Special lunch-time session: "Freemasonry and the Endowment: A Demonstration of the Similarities."

Richard Packham was raised in a fifth-generation Mormon family in Zion, graduated from BYU, married in the temple, and had no doubts about the church until he began studying church history and doctrine intensively in his 20s. His leaving […]

D. William Johnson-2013-Filming ‘I Am An Ex-Mormon Videos’

MP3 File

From the 2013 EXMO Conference-

"YouTube Changed My Life: Filming 'I Am an Ex-Mormon Videos'". Panel Discussion with Videographer and His Video Subjects. As a young teenager, William always dreamed of making movies. His goal was to make an epic Book of Mormon movie to help spread the "gospel". After […]

Micah McAllister-2013-Exit Strategy

MP3 File

"Exit Strategy: Leaving Mormonism with your Dignity and Integrity Intact"-

Micah McAllister was a lifelong Mormon until his departure from the church in 2008 at the age of 29. That same year he founded the social network for ex-Mormons, http://www.LifeAfterMormonism.net.

Micah's experience interacting with departing members there and on other […]

Welcome and Open Mic-2013

MP3 File

Open Mic for Conference Attendees on Friday Oct 18, 2013

Dana Dahl-2014-Perspectives on the Preposterous with Insanad/Insana Dee

MP3 File

"Perspectives on the Preposterous with Insanad"

Dana Dahl, also known online as Insanad, Insana Dee, and Dahli-Mama was a member of the LDS church for 37 of her 51 years. She has coped with the challenges and twists of life inside and outside the Mormon Church by using a variety of […]

EXMORMON RANTS #50-Missionary’s Mom Dying

MP3 File

I recently found out about a Mormon missionary whose mom was literally hours away from death.

He was allowed to briefly visit her & was then whisked back to the mission, which was obviously far more important than his mom dying or being with his family in that forever life altering […]


MP3 File

Demon explains how the EXMO Godhead works, for all of the LAZY, CLUELESS MORmON & even EXMO IDIOTS out there that think Demon, myself, Mike Norton, etc, are actually all the same person! 5 seconds of research would help them, but this should clear things up..HOPEFULLY!! LOL!



MP3 File

Demon of Kolob, wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, from an undisclosed location in Nevada, while also recounting the TERRIBLE year the MORmON CULT had.

From losing the gay marriage battle & gay marriage now being legal in Utah, to the lawsuit against ThomASS Monson in the U.K. by Tom […]

Q & A at the 2014 EXMO Conference

MP3 File

A great Q & A at the 2014 EXMO Conference, with a great Panel, that I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

RuthAnn & Kenn Sullivan-2014 EXMO Conf.

MP3 File

"Journey Out At High Speed — Sudden Discoveries and A Family Considers How to Create Their New Lives"

RuthAnn grew up in American Fork, UT and never strayed from the path. In high school she was voted, "Most likely to Wanna Take Home to Momma" and represented the State of Kentucky […]

Janet Heimlich-2014-Religious Child Maltreatment

MP3 File

"Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment"

After learning about notorious clergy-perpetrated sexual abuse scandals and high-profile "faith healing" child-death cases, the public has come to understand that faith communities are not immune to child abuse and neglect. But can religious belief itself contribute to child maltreatment? In her […]

EXMORMON RANTS #47-Mormon Polygamy Alive & Well In 2015!

MP3 File

This is my rant regarding MODERN-DAY MORmON polygamy, that is still alive and well in 2014, contrary to what current MORmON Leaders have said, like Gordon B. Hinckley.

MORmONS and EX-MORmONS alike always talk about how a male MORmON can have his wife die and then remarry another woman in the […]

EXMORMON RANTS #46-Book of Mormon Musical

MP3 File

This is Demon of Kolob's review of the Book of MORmON Musical. Enjoy!!

David Twede-2014 Ex-Mormon Conference

MP3 File

This is the audio from David Twede’s speech at the EX-Mormon Conference, Saturday, October 11, 2014.

“Effective Message Building: How the LDS Church Counters Critics and The Ways In Which We Can Be Effective Messengers To Our Family and Friends.”

David Twede is a former managing editor and currently Editor at […]

EXMORMON RANTS #45-Elizabeth Smart 12 Years Later

MP3 File

Demon of Kolob takes a look back at the Elizabeth Smart "kidnapping" or was she really a runaway as she repeatedly stated to the police and news media after they found her.

She was actually the polygamous wife of Brian David Mitchell, which the MORmON Hierarchy didn't want discussed, for […]

EXMORMON RANTS #44-Kate Kelly & John Dehlin-June 2014

MP3 File

This was a rant that I did back on June 20, 2014(before Kate's court and John's postponed, "deescalated" calm sit-down chat) about the Kate Kelly and John Dehlin summons to appear in a church court or "COURT OF LOVE" as they're better known.

Basically, they were both threatened with excommunication, John […]

EXMORMON RANTS #43-Demon On Freedom & Happy 4th of July!

MP3 File

Demon talks about freedom and what it means today & also talks about the now, long lost MORmON teaching of "free agency."

MORmONISM now more resembles Satan's plan, in which we would have no choice and all choices are already made for everyone in advance & they have absolutely no say […]

EXMORMON RANTS #42-Demon’s Thoughts On Kate Kelly

MP3 File

Demon of Kolob discusses how you cannot EVER change the church/CULT from within and shares his thoughts on the situation and Mormon church court threats(coming straight from Salt Lake, no matter what anyone else says..it's VERY obvious!) to Kate Kelly, John Dehlin & Alan Rock Waterman.

He mentions that Kate Kelly […]

EXMORMON RANTS #41-Kate Kelly,John Dehlin & Boyd K. Packer!

MP3 File

This is our first joint rant & it was impromptu & not planned, as Demon called me from Nevada & we thought we'd just record something real quick on the John Dehlin & Kate Kelly debacle.

We also briefly mention Boyd K. Packer & his health & I discussed how all […]

Marlin K. Jensen-Mormon Apostasy-Nov 2011

MP3 File

Mormons are “LEAVING IN DROVES!”

This was a great Q & A with former Seventy & church historian(basically fired after this recording was made public..made “emeritus status”=FORCED RETIREMENT, for his honesty, which is not EVER allowed in MORmONISM, especially by Leaders!) Marlin K. Jensen, in Logan, Utah, on November 11, 2011, who […]

What It Is Really Like To Be Gay At BYU?!

MP3 File

Just a little rambling bout how it is hell being gay at BYU. In response to their “it get’s better” video (http://youtu.be/Ym0jXg-hKCI ). I would not encourage anyone LGBTQ to go there. They say it is okay to go there and be gay, but, let’s be honest..it really is not.-Chelsey Sidler-Lartey https://twitter.com/chelsitasidler


EXMORMON RANTS #40-“Missionary Surge” Has FAILED!!

MP3 File

This is a rant about the recent Mormon missionary “surge.” They’ve added 28,000+ missionaries, but the increase of baptisms was only about 10,000. Average baptisms per missionary, per yer, have now officially dropped from an average of 4.6 to 3.2 & only getting worse.

The day that I recorded this rant, they […]

Mormon Mission Pres. Allan Pratt In France

This is the audio of a Mormon missionary zone conference, in the France, Toulouse mission, held on November 4, 2003.

Mormon mission President/cult leader Allan Pratt, strongly condemns and trashes the missionaries on baptism numbers and masturbation, which he explains is the main reason they aren't being blessed with baptisms.

This is just more typical, […]

Tom Phillips-2nd Anointing Interview

Tom Phillips: My Second Anointing Experience-

There already exist sources of details of the second anointing and I probably will not add to that body of knowledge. However, I am posting this account to confirm the ordinance does actually take place currently, as I have received the ordinance, and how it is currently performed.

I […]


MP3 File

This is a simple, short, but very personal rant, where I thank the MORmON CULT for all the many things they've done to screw up & destroy my life, health, friendships & relationships with loved ones.

Sadly they all put the church/CULT before me or anyone else, as it's their top […]

Mormon Missionaries Teaching The Discussions-VIDEO

Mormon missionaries, teaching the discussions and desperately tying to explain why EVERYONE needs to be a Mormon, while trying to coerce these folks into getting baptized.

I served a 2 year mission and this video/audio makes me sick, realizing that I used to be like them, using horrible brainwashing and manipulation techniques, taught to us […]

Mormon Missionaries Teaching The Discussions-AUDIO

Mormon missionaries, teaching the discussions and desperately tying to explain why EVERYONE needs to be a Mormon, while trying to coerce these folks into getting baptized.

I served a 2 year mission and this video/audio makes me sick, realizing that I used to be like them, using horrible brainwashing and manipulation techniques, taught to us […]

David Twede Lecture At UVU-4-11-2014

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A great lecture by David Twede at UVU on 4-11-2014. He discusses the recent fraud case against Thomas S. Monson, over in the U.K. by Tom Phillips.

A very special THANKS to Demon of Kolob for taking time to attend & record it for everyone!!

“Lessons from the Fraud Case: How […]

EXMORMON RANTS #37-Blocked By Jesus On Twitter!!

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MORmON Leaders preach that we should love and forgive all our enemies and turn the other cheek, yet they have had me blocked on Twitter for over 2 years now, along with other EXMOS and will not forgive us or unblock us. How can this be? Is this Christlike?!

Aren't they […]