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EXMORMON RANTS #51-Demon/Missionaries in Park City

Demon of Kolob, in Park City, back in December of 2015, debating the missionaries at the Mormon's "Park City Family Tree Center" or "ancestry center."

They discuss the recent revelation from Jesus or their new GAY HATE DOCTRINE and things get interesting, quickly. It's pretty clear who is educated on the subject and has […]

EXMORMON RANTS #50-Missionary’s Mom Dying

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I recently found out about a Mormon missionary whose mom was literally hours away from death.

He was allowed to briefly visit her & was then whisked back to the mission, which was obviously far more important than his mom dying or being with his family in that forever life altering […]


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Demon explains how the EXMO Godhead works, for all of the LAZY, CLUELESS MORmON & even EXMO IDIOTS out there that think Demon, myself, Mike Norton, etc, are actually all the same person! 5 seconds of research would help them, but this should clear things up..HOPEFULLY!! LOL!



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Demon of Kolob, wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, from an undisclosed location in Nevada, while also recounting the TERRIBLE year the MORmON CULT had.

From losing the gay marriage battle & gay marriage now being legal in Utah, to the lawsuit against ThomASS Monson in the U.K. by Tom […]

EXMORMON RANTS #47-Mormon Polygamy Alive & Well In 2015!

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This is my rant regarding MODERN-DAY MORmON polygamy, that is still alive and well in 2014, contrary to what current MORmON Leaders have said, like Gordon B. Hinckley.

MORmONS and EX-MORmONS alike always talk about how a male MORmON can have his wife die and then remarry another woman in the […]

EXMORMON RANTS #46-Book of Mormon Musical

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This is Demon of Kolob's review of the Book of MORmON Musical. Enjoy!!

EXMORMON RANTS #45-Elizabeth Smart 12 Years Later

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Demon of Kolob takes a look back at the Elizabeth Smart "kidnapping" or was she really a runaway as she repeatedly stated to the police and news media after they found her.

She was actually the polygamous wife of Brian David Mitchell, which the MORmON Hierarchy didn't want discussed, for […]

EXMORMON RANTS #44-Kate Kelly & John Dehlin-June 2014

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This was a rant that I did back on June 20, 2014(before Kate's court and John's postponed, "deescalated" calm sit-down chat) about the Kate Kelly and John Dehlin summons to appear in a church court or "COURT OF LOVE" as they're better known.

Basically, they were both threatened with excommunication, John […]

EXMORMON RANTS #43-Demon On Freedom & Happy 4th of July!

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Demon talks about freedom and what it means today & also talks about the now, long lost MORmON teaching of "free agency."

MORmONISM now more resembles Satan's plan, in which we would have no choice and all choices are already made for everyone in advance & they have absolutely no say […]

EXMORMON RANTS #42-Demon’s Thoughts On Kate Kelly

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Demon of Kolob discusses how you cannot EVER change the church/CULT from within and shares his thoughts on the situation and Mormon church court threats(coming straight from Salt Lake, no matter what anyone else says..it's VERY obvious!) to Kate Kelly, John Dehlin & Alan Rock Waterman.

He mentions that Kate Kelly […]

EXMORMON RANTS #41-Kate Kelly,John Dehlin & Boyd K. Packer!

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This is our first joint rant & it was impromptu & not planned, as Demon called me from Nevada & we thought we'd just record something real quick on the John Dehlin & Kate Kelly debacle.

We also briefly mention Boyd K. Packer & his health & I discussed how all […]

EXMORMON RANTS #40-“Missionary Surge” Has FAILED!!

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This is a rant about the recent Mormon missionary “surge.” They’ve added 28,000+ missionaries, but the increase of baptisms was only about 10,000. Average baptisms per missionary, per yer, have now officially dropped from an average of 4.6 to 3.2 & only getting worse.

The day that I recorded this rant, they […]


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This is a simple, short, but very personal rant, where I thank the MORmON CULT for all the many things they've done to screw up & destroy my life, health, friendships & relationships with loved ones.

Sadly they all put the church/CULT before me or anyone else, as it's their top […]


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Just a quick rant to say THANKS to everyone for making this new podcast a great success & for the now 9,000-10,000 downloads a month.

We're now getting over 300 downloads a day.

When I recorded this podcast, it was more like 200-300 a day or 6,000-9,000 a month..so thanks […]

EXMORMON RANTS #37-Blocked By Jesus On Twitter!!

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MORmON Leaders preach that we should love and forgive all our enemies and turn the other cheek, yet they have had me blocked on Twitter for over 2 years now, along with other EXMOS and will not forgive us or unblock us. How can this be? Is this Christlike?!

Aren't they […]

EXMORMON RANTS #36-Money Changers In The Temple!

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This rant is about the money changers in the back of the MORmON temples & why they're there & what they're doing.

Also, why does the BILLION dollar corporation MORmON INC., have to nickle & dime their members & charge them for "RENTAL OF CLOTHING?" They can't afford to let people […]

EXMORMON RANTS #35-HEY..Where’s My Planet?!

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Another great rant by Demon of Kolob, simply asking "HEY, where's my planet?!"

The MORmON CULT Hierarchy recently, shockingly announced that their members would no longer be getting their own planets. They released their latest essay, which claims they've never taught that, which we all know is a lie.

This […]

EXMORMON RANTS #34-@Jreynolds323 & Better off DEAD!!

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This is a rant about Jeremy Reynolds, from Dallas, Texas, that I unfortunately met over on Twitter.

He’s a die-hard MORmON who doesn’t disagree with & therefore supports the doctrine of Heber J. Grant, from the Oct 1944 General Conference, stating that “There is no true Latter-day Saint who would not rather […]

EXMORMON RANTS #33-To The Critics of Tom Phillips!!

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This is a rant dedicated to the critics of Tom Phillips and in STRONG support of Tom Phillips Legal action against the MORmON Prophet ThomASS Monson.

Monson is scheduled to be in court on March 14, 2014 in the U.K.. Will Monson show up?! If he doesn’t, an arrest warrant will be […]

EXMORMON RANTS #32-Joe’s Head In The Hat Trick

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This rant is about Joseph Smith’s TRUE manner of “translating” the Book of MORmON VS. what we’ve all been taught & shown our entire lives.

Only recently, in the church’s bogus/half TRUTHS “TOPICS” pages, have they actually admitted that Joe did it by putting a peep stone(found in a lady’s well) […]

EXMORMON RANTS #31-Are Mormons Christian?!

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This is Demon of Kolob's definitive answer to whether Mormons are Christians! Mormons claim they are & most Christians claim they aren't..Demon will set the record straight!

EXMORMON RANTS #30-Valentines Day Massacre!

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This an intense rant by Demon of Kolob on what his true thoughts are about Valentines Day & how badly the MORmON CULT treats single people & it ain't pretty!

EXMORMON RANTS #29-Civil Weddings Before The Temple?!

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There is a rumor that maybe, just maybe the hard-hearted, cruel, vile, we don’t give a damn about you MORmON Hierarchy, is about to change a long-standing policy that has long stood, in order to further fill their coffers.

That is the requirement to get married in the temple FIRST, unless you […]

EXMORMON RANTS #28-32 Story Building/Mall In Philly

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This is a rant about the MORmON CULT’S new 32 story building in Philly, that will be an apartment/townhouse/mall.

Apparently they love Jesus’ $5 BILLION mall in Salt Lake City so much, that they […]

EXMORMON RANTS #27-Can’t Put Genie Back In The Bottle!

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This is a GREAT, PASSIONATE & very personal rant by Demon of Kolob as he describes how he's feeling, after being asked by his mom, if there is anyway he could return to the MORmON CULT for her.

This is a powerful rant that speaks for itself!

This is what MORmONISM does […]

EXMORMON RANTS #26-Monson Lawsuit-NO JOKE!

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This rant is about the current lawsuit regarding the MORmON PROFIT ThomASS Monson in the U.K., who is being sued for fraud. I'll provide all of the links & documentation on EXMORMON RADIO.

Win, Lose or draw in court, the damage is done, the cat is out of the bag & their […]


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This is a rant about MORmON Pedophiles & the MORmONS that actually defend them!!

How sick are these people?! What kind of sick person do you have to be to defend MORmON Pedophiles or ANY PEDOPHILES?!!

The church comes ever before children?!

These MORmONS don't care at all about […]

EXMORMON RANTS #24-Demon Rant Back #1

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This is our first official "Rant Back" where we will respond directly to each others previous rants.

Demon was responding to my last two rants, 22 & 23.."Better off, lucky and happier dead" and "MORmON Perfection and Impossible expectations."

Thanks Demon..ENJOY!!

EXMORMON RANTS #23-Better Off, Lucky & Happier DEAD!

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This is just a quick rant, discussing what is commonly said when someone tragically dies in MORmONISM, since it really doesn't fit "the plan" that they speak so much of, ALL THE TIME!

I review the most common phrases like "they're in a better place now", "they are now in peace", […]

EXMORMON RANTS #22-MORmON Perfection/Impossible Expectations

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This is a rant based on the MORmON goal of "PERFECTION" & IMPOSSIBLE EXPECTATIONS!

Utah is ALWAYS at or near the top in leading the United States in suicides(especially teen suicides) and anti-depressant use. It is 100% related to the MORmON CULT & their doctrines & teachings that every member should […]

EXMORMON RANTS #21-WOW..Gay Marriage Legal In Utah!!

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Demon of Kolob reacts to Gay marriage now being legal in Utah, thanks to a Federal judge. It was really a shocking moment for all..those for and against it!

I'm sure the MORmON CULT HIERARCHY NEVER saw it coming, like normal, despite their supposed "spirit of discernment", which of course has […]

EXMORMON RANTS #20-Perverted Boyd K Packer’s Little Factory!

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This is another great rant by Demon of Kolob on one of the most horrific, life-destroying, suicide causing talks ever given in MORmON Inc. history. It was given by the bigot & perverted, sex obsessed, NEXT-IN-LINE to be PROFIT, Boyd KKK Packer. He pervertedly & disgustingly talks in graphic details about little […]


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This GREAT rant by Demon of Kolob, is about the destructive force of MORmON Gossip!

They don’t care about the facts, TRUTH or reality..but just love to gossip, spread complete lies & think the worst of everyone. It’s in their DNA!

I believe it’s the “GOD-IN-EMBRYO” arrogance coming out that IS MORmON […]

EXMORMON RANTS #18-TRUE Cost of Temple Weddings/John Dehlin

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This is an EXMO RANT where I discuss the TRUE cost of a temple wedding.

This rant was inspired by Lori Crandall, who linked to a great post from RFM, over in our EX-MORMON ATHEISTS group on Facebook. Thank you so much Lori..you're the best and your strength and desire to […]

EXMORMON RANTS #17-Church is NOT perfect!!

Demon of Kolob discusses the famous old Mormon saying: "The Church is perfect, the people aren't!"

MP3 File

As he 100% correctly points out, the "Church" IS THE PEOPLE! Take away the people & there is NO CHURCH..I like to say that it's only as "perfect" as the people!

How can they […]

EXMORMON RANTS #16-Black Friday Orgy

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Demon of Kolob expresses his complete disdain for the annual Black Friday Orgy & congratulates all those that didn’t participate in it!

Showing such individualism is very dangerous Demon says, because next, you might admit that Joseph Smith wasn’t a Prophet..LOL! Good Job Demon!!

Just for the record..I didn’t participate..in the stores […]

EXMORMON RANTS #15-Ukraine Missionaries & Safety

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I discuss how missionaries(sisters in this example) in the Ukraine are literally being left to die in the middle of the political unrest(which has gotten far worse since I recorded this podcast on 12-2-2013)..it’s very tragic & I hope they remain safe.

The MORmON Hierarchy IS NOT looking after them or ensuring […]


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A great rant by Demon of Kolob talking about MORmON bloodlines or in other words, MORmON Royalty!

He talks about a very serious accident caused by Hinckley's drunk off his A$$ grandson, who was never punished or held accountable for his actions.

It's called MONEY & MORmON Royalty!!

Only […]

EXMORMON RANTS #13-Happy Trails From Nasa

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Another rant from Demon of Kolob, as he visits Nasa and The Kennedy Space Center in Florida, even getting to see the Space Shuttle Atlantis up close in their brand new exhibit.

Demon talks about how cool it is and the great tours you can take there. Definitely a can't miss […]

EXMORMON RANTS #12-“Anti-Mormon” Billboard In Utah

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It’s about time..somehow Utah now has an “anti-Mormon” billboard leading people to THE TRUTH about MORmONISM, in Salt lake City, THE VATICAN of MORmONISM!!

You’re slipping there Tommy Boy!!

It can be seen going southbound on I-15 between 33rd and 45 south. Please check out the Mormonthink.com website for more info.

Mormon […]

EXMORMON RANTS #11-Greetings From The Atlantic

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Demon of Kolob ranting about the latest disaster in the Philippines and suffering of the the missionaries and immediate disinformation(LIE!) from MORmON INC about their safety.

I’d just given him the news. At least 80 missionaries were still missing at that point after all parents were assured that “they were all safe […]


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Demon of Kolob ranting about "MORmON Swearing", which can get ridiculous!

MORmONS will claim that REAL SWEAR WORDS are "just words" and no big deal. Try using those "just words" in front of a MORmON and you'll quickly find that they don't really believe that AT ALL and will be quite […]

EXMORMON RANTS #9-Why Are MORmONS So Special?!

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Demon of Kolob is ranting about the "special MORmONS" in this great rant! Why do MORmONS think they're so special or privileged anyway? Especially those that descended directly from Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc.

It's as if they think they're already GODS that rule the earth, have "THE ONLY TRUTH" & […]

EXMORMON RANTS #8-FuchtDORK and Blue Angels

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This is an old, never before released rant I dug up from last year, back in March of 2012 to be exact.

Dieter FuchtDORK, MORmON ASSpostHOLE & member of the First Presidency, had nothing better to do with his time, so he and the MORmON Hierarchy pulled a PR stunt & […]

EXMORMON RANTS #7-Fake Temple Recommends

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Another great rant by Demon of Kolob about people using fake temple recommends to enter the temple to see their son, daughter or loved one get married.

Who can fault a desperate parent for simply wanting to see their child get married? Is that a crime?! Why should the MORmON CULT […]

EXMORMON RANTS #6-Halloween-Haunted Lagoon

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I was reminded tonight by Demon of Kolob, that I forgot to mention all the ridiculous restrictions like “NO MASKS ALLOWED”(which sucks!) at the trunk or treat at the church and that when Halloween falls on a Sunday, they celebrate it on Saturday..just like the 4th of July. What a JOKE!

Here […]

EXMORMON RANTS #5-Halloween-Trunk/Trick or Treat

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This is my rant from Halloween night, after we hardly had any kids come to the door for candy & I discovered why.

Normally, we have AT LEAST 75-100 kids and this Halloween we only had 15-20 max. Our neighborhood was like a ghost town, hardly any kids anywhere. I was […]


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Demon of Kolob on the MORmON Cult's advice to have children first, before even getting an education or a job. He points out that if you can't afford kids, you shouldn't have them or at least not so many.

Demon gives GREAT ADVICE on how you should plan your life before having […]

EXMORMON RANTS #3-Happy Trails From Nevada

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What do people in Utah do for fun? They go to Wendover, Nevada & play in the casinos. Many stories of members running into Bishops & Stake Presidents..no word if they were sober or not..LOL!

It must be fun the next Sunday in church when their eyes meet..shhh..I won't say anything […]

EXMORMON RANTS #2-Oaks Condemning Gay Marriage

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Demon of Kolob discussing Dallin H. Oaks most recent condemnation of gay marriage in the October 2013 MORmON General Conference.

MORmONS have the right believe whatever they want but should expect the consequences, such as being called bigots for their open & proud condemnation of homosexuals & gay marriage.

They shouldn't complain […]

EXMORMON RANTS #1-Perverted MORmON Bishops!!

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This is episode #1 of EXMORMON RANTS & today I discuss PEDOPHILE MORMON BISHOPS, who ask children as young as 7-8 if they masturbate, look at porn or have sexual intercourse.

This is part of the sick and criminal perversions of Mormonism dating back to 1830 & the original SICK PERVERT […]