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Sunday Morning 2007 with Janet Jacobson, Bill & Mel Gardiner

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Bill Gardiner, former CES employee, and two “liberated ladies”: Bill's wife Mel Gardiner, born and raised in a Mormon family of 13 children, and Janet Jacobson, convert at 18, divorced mother of 5.

They spoke about the way we can learn to leave guilt behind and find passion for life again […]

Dan Fischer-D.D.S-2007-Life As A Fundamentalist

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Saturday's dinner speaker was Dan Fischer, D.D.S., former member of the FLDS church.

While maintaining his dental practice, along with research and development of dental materials and procedures, he has created Smiles for Diversity, a nonprofit foundation committed to preventing hate crimes by promoting diversity and multicultural awareness.

As a […]

Ray Hult & Nanette Martin Panel-2007-A Road Less Traveled

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Raymond A. Hult is a retired FBI Special Agent (1971-1998) and former Mormon bishop.

A fervent follower for most of his adult life based primarily on unquestioning faith, he finally determined to subject Joseph Smith to the same objective credibility standards afforded the suspects of his numerous criminal investigations.

The […]

Art Vanick-2007-Who Really Wrote The Book of Mormon?

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Art Vanick is one of the authors of “Who Wrote the Book of Mormon?: The Spalding Enigma”.

Art has been interviewed many times on radio programs about his book, and has lectured to groups about the research that was done for this book.

F.A.R.M.S. has taken the time to write […]

Bob McCue-2007-Damage Control,Healing & Growth

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Bob McCue returned for his 2nd presentation, titled “Damage Control, Healing and Growth in Post-Mormon Relationships: Sisyphus, Icarus and the Holy Grail”.

Brian Patrick-2007-Burying The Past

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Burying the Past: Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre is a 2004 documentary film about the Mountain Meadows massacre. It was directed by Brian Patrick and has won 11 awards.

Since it is the 150th anniversary of the darkest moment in Mormon history – the Mountain Meadows Massacre – U. of […]