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Music & Spoken Word-2011-Coffeehouse Edition

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Beautiful music by these very talented people: Shane Jackman,David Jorgensen,McCall Erickson,Otter Creek (Peter & Mary Danzig)..THANK YOU..ENJOY!!

Emily Pearson-2011-Dancing With Crazy

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This was Emily Pearson’s great talk at the 2011 EXMO Conference entitled “Dancing With Crazy”, which is the title of the book she wrote. She has an amazing story to tell & I’m just glad she survived all that she has gone through. WOW!

Thank you Emily for sharing your life […]

Richard Packham-2011-The Everlasting Gospel In The Ever Changing Church

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The Everlasting Gospel in the Ever-changing Church.

Richard's AWESOME website:


Dr. Marlene Winell-2011-Leaving the Fold

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Speaking at the annual ExMormon Foundation Conference, October 2011, Dr. Marlene Winell discuss Religious Trauma Syndrome in her talk, "Leaving the Fold." It ncludes CNN clips re. a killing in CO and begins a presentation about how religion can be damaging.

I will post the videos on her page on EXMORMONRADIO.com


John Larsen-2011-Creative Iconoclasm

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Creative Iconoclasm – Finding ways to challenge traditional institutions and cherished belief.