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Open Q & A-2012: You Wanted to Ask What?!

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You Wanted to Ask What?– Open Q&A with a panel of Saturday's speakers.

Wade Wilson/Raptor Jesus-2012-Post Traumatic Mission Disorder

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Post Traumatic Mission Disorder: How to Keep Your 'Two Best Years' from Ruining the Rest of Your Life:

Wade grew up in the church in Utah, and his family came from multi-generational pioneer stock. Although church was devastatingly boring, he remained faithful and served a mission so as not to be […]

Lori Fazzino-2012-The Road to Deconversion & Life Afterwards

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Becoming Unsaved The Road to Deconversion and Life Afterwards:

Lori has a masters degree in Sociology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she is continuing her doctoral work on New Atheism and communities of non-believers.

Her research interests span across several sub-fields of sociology including culture, religion, […]

Grant Palmer-2012-My Ah-Ha Moments

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The Best "Ah-Ha" Moments Researching Mormon History:

Grant is the author of An Insider's View of Mormon Origins (Signature Books, 2002) and The Incomparable Jesus (Kofford Books, 2005).

He has also penned articles for the Salt Lake Tribune, Sunstone Magazine, The John Whitmer Journal and the Midwestern Journal of […]

Sue Emmett-2012-Zion in the White House?

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Church vs. State Issues in the Military, Congress and our Public Schools.

Is Mormonism lining up with the Fundamentalist and Dominionist intrusions occurring in these institutions?

Sue grew up in Portland, Oregon in a very devout, deeply involved Mormon family. Gr.Gr. Granddaughter of both Brigham Young and Erastus Snow, […]

Tom Donofrio-2012-Colonial Influences in the Book of Mormon

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Book of Mormon Tories, Part Deux. American Colonial Influences in the Book of Mormon:

Tom Donofrio was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. He served a 2 year mission in Tempe, Arizona where he returned to live.

Tom was a Church employee for 10 years as an HVAC tech. […]

Welcome & Open Mic-2012 EXMO Conference

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Open Mic for Conference Attendees on Friday Oct 19, 2012.