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Mormonism Exposed #9-Demon On Working For The MORmON Cult

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This is a great podcast with Demon of Kolob, as he reflects back & describes his time working for the MORmON CULT, A.K.A., MORmON Inc & the poor working conditions, lousy pay & harassment he suffered while working there.

He also discusses how ridiculously cheap & behind they are when it comes […]

Mormonism Exposed-Gay Marriage LEGAL in Utah!

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This is a great podcast by my good friends Demon of Kolob and Pat Jordan. I've been busy with the family over the Holidays, so I really appreciate these guys helping out and recording a podcast in my absence & covering for me.

They discuss the current and very important ruling […]

Mormonism Exposed-Race & The Priesthood

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In this podcast, Demon of Kolob and I discuss the just released announcement by the MORmON Inc. Hierarchy condemning ALL previous racism in the cult, which is laughable, since it was ALL Prophets and ASSpostHoles that taught it as doctrine of the “MORmON God.”

We discuss what this & future confessions […]

Mormonism Exposed-Dead Missionaries & Oct 2013 General Conference

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This is a podcast that Demon of Kolob & I recorded a few days before the Oct 2013 Mormon General Conference.

We talk about a recent missionary, Peter Allen Maughan of Issaquah, Washington that was either tragically killed or committed suicide(more than likely killed) & then we talk about women wanting to […]

Mormonism Exposed#1-Debating Eric The Fanatical Evangelical

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