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Confessions of a Mormon Bishop

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I first want to say THANK YOU to the anonymous person that recorded and published this great audio..it took real guts & helps to expose the sick, perverted nature of Mormon doctrine & their leaders!

This Bishop is a complete disgrace and despicable human being!! Sounds a lot like my perverted, psycho, masturbation obsessed Mission President!!

This is the sick, perverted attitude of the average Bishop or Stake President, who as he directly says, get their training from Seventies, who get their training from Apostles, right to the top, Thomas S. Monson, the Mormon Prophet of fraud and shame!

This abuse of children by Mormon Leaders needs to end NOW!! 7-8 year old little kids? REALLY?

I’ve known about this for a while now & spoken about it a lot(Listen to EX-MORMON RANT #1)..now we have ACTUAL RECORDED PROOF that it’s going on & MORMON DOCTRINE & TRAINING for the Bishops to do it, straight from Thomas S. Monson. THIS IS REQUIRED OF THEM FROM THE TOP!!

The Bishop left out one type of sex abuser in his lengthy list of threats to children and probably the biggest one..MORMON BISHOPS & STAKE PRESIDENTS. Many have been convicted just over the last 8 years.

Timothy McCleeve, Bishop of Harrisville, utah & the Stake President Clayton R. Hildreth, from Billings, Montana, who went by the name “Sexy Montana Gentleman,” when he was trying to pick up a 14 year old girl in Boise to have sex with her. Glad it was an undercover Boise police officer instead.

They were waiting for him when he showed up, driving all the way to Boise from Montana, showing up with “three condoms, a gift of thong underwear and a digital camera.”

Even a Seventy, George P. Lee, in the 80s was a pedophile(just “emulating the example”..as Thomas S. Monson teaches we should all do, of the original Mormon pedophile Joseph Smith Jr.) and his speeches are STILL posted on LDS.ORG, because Mormon Leaders support pedophiles & even command us to forgive them or we’re the bad guys & sinners..REALLY?!

And those are only a few examples of the cases we know about..how many other cases are there that we haven’t even heard about yet, that have been covered up? I love how they always claim innocence & then admit they did it when the facts & witnesses surface.

THAT is who we really need to protect our children from folks..MEN LIKE THIS MAN IN THE AUDIO & the other Bishops and Stake Presidents..SEXUAL PREDATORS using their “GOD” as the excuse to ask sexually probing questions of little kids as young as 7!!

In fact, in the audio..he says we should start as young as 5-6..WOW! This is one sick S.O.B.!!

Hopefully this great audio & the exposing of this SICK, PERVERTED Mormon Bishop will help to further expose the Mormon Cult in general & help put an end to this twisted, sick, perverted practice of asking sexually probing questions of little kids who don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about!




*If anyone else has a story to tell about a Mormon Bishop, Stake President or higher and wants to expose them or even better, release audio of them..please visit MormonBishopsExposed.com and leave your comments and audio. Thanks!

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