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Deseret Book-Grant Palmer’s “Insider’s View” still available

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I recently called up Jesus'(The MORmON’S) Deseret bookstore, to see if I could still buy Grant Palmer’s famous, controversial and liberating book, “An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins” and not surprisingly, the answer is STILL YES!(I also verify that Todd Compton’s “In Sacred Loneliness” about Joe’s Polygamous wives, is still available for special order too, which they recently removed from their shelves, after 10 years. It was still one of their best sellers!)

Of course it is ONLY by special order through the Mormon Jesus, as it’s been officially off the shelf since I think December of 2004, right before Grant’s court.

Of course Grant Palmer was famously threatened and then disfellowshipped for writing the very book that they sold and profited from for almost 2 years.

Nobody at Deseret book from the Mormon Prophet himself to the CEO, Sheri Dew of Jesus’/The Mormon’s bookstore was ever held accountable or punished for selling and profiting from such an “evil” book, that destroyed faith and so many testimonies, warranting PUNISHMENT in a “COURT OF LOVE!”

Which reminds me, hasn’t Mormon Apostle Jeffrey Holland’s new BFF John Dehlin(hundreds of hours of podcasts exposing the cult!) done FAR WORSE then write one book, in exposing all the same things Grant Palmer exposed about the Mormon church, plus a whole lot more?!

John Dehlin has even, thankfully, given Grant Palmer a platform to TWICE, expose the lies, fraud and atrocities of Mormonism!

Remind me again why John Dehlin hasn’t been disfellowshipped or excommunicated? Two words..JEFFREY HOLLAND!! Does he have something on him or what? What common ground have these two “opposite ends of the spectrum” found? It would be like Joseph Smith jr. and William Law becoming BFFs AFTER he wrote the Nauvoo Expositor..NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

But that’s Mormon justice for you!!

Anyway, I just wanted some additional evidence that not only was it sold by Deseret bookstores, but is STILL being sold and available to anyone that calls and asks them to order it. Give it a try like I did, if you don’t believe me.

This is Kind of like hypocritically selling Darron Smith’s book “Black and Mormon” at the BYU bookstore up until at least May of 2012, the last time I posted a working link to it on Twitter. @exmormon

Of course Darron Smith was FIRED from BYU for writing and discussing the book they sold and profited from..sound familiar? Hell, they sold it until AT LEAST May of 2012, as I’ve mentioned and proven!

What was Darron Smith’s biggest crime, besides writing his “evil, vile” book full of truth, sold by BYU until at least May of 2012?

He simply wanted AN APOLOGY for the horrific, racist Mormon teachings and doctrines, that HE and ALL BLACKS were “cursed” as the “seed of Cain” and “cursed with flat noses and black skin” and in the pre-existence, barely chose God’s plan. As Gordon B. Hinckley famously put it, to Mike Wallace: “little flicks of history!”

Yeah, that was a lot to ask, of a multi-BILLION dollar corporation CULT, that doesn’t give a d-a-m-n about him or any other black person in the world!

He caused them bad PR, so they fired him and of course, NO APOLOGY THEN, NOW OR EVER!

These are just 2 recent examples of the Mormon hypocrisy, lies & fraud STILL alive and well in 2013.

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