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On Tunein

WELCOME to the 1st 24/7/365 EX-MORMON radio station! This is something that I’ve wanted to do for years & now the time has finally come. I hope you all enjoy it! Podcasts are great, but nothing like a 24/7 stream just one click away! I’ll add all the audio I have from the last 10 years & you can tune in anytime to listen & it’ll be there playing for you. A huge thanks to my great friend Demon of Kolob, for helping to make this all happen, as I’ve uploaded our first 50 rants from EX-Mormon Rants, along with some other great podcasts we’ve done together!

You can listen right here or here or simply download an app to listen. The station has also been approved for Tunein Radio & you can easily download the app for IOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows. That will be yet another great & easy way to listen, as they have over 100 Million downloads & 50 Million regular listeners. Tunein is also available on Android Wear devices or with Google Chromecast or Roku, which is great & means you can listen on your TV. If you want to buy the pro-version, it is $9.99 & removes ads & includes a record button. I love Tunein Radio! So again, you can easily listen to EX-MORMON 24/7 on IOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone 7, 7.5 and/or 8.

You can also listen here. Another way to listen to EXMO RADIO 24/7 on Android, is to use the free version of XiiaLive¬†Internet Radio app. Just search for “Mormon” or “EX-MORMON” after you’ve installed it & it’ll pop right up! You can purchase the pro version of the app for $4.99 if you don’t want any ads.

For those that don’t have a data connection(or are running short or don’t have a huge amount of data to being with) or a Smart Phone, but have unlimited minutes for calling, like most of us do now..you can simply & conveniently call in to listen. The number to call is 1-605-562-8064 & it is also streaming 24/7! I think this will be a great option for many people & with bluetooth streaming on phones & cars, many of you will be able easily do this.

Feel free to share this with everyone, as we can have unlimited listeners! Please use #EXMORADIO247 to tweet about it. Thanks everyone!

How can you listen on mobile devices?

IOS: Listening with Radio Lite

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