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EXMORMON RANTS #12-“Anti-Mormon” Billboard In Utah

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It’s about time..somehow Utah now has an “anti-Mormon” billboard leading people to THE TRUTH about MORmONISM, in Salt lake City, THE VATICAN of MORmONISM!!

You’re slipping there Tommy Boy!!

It can be seen going southbound on I-15 between 33rd and 45 south. Please check out the Mormonthink.com website for more info.

Mormon Think also links to my original Mormon Truth Podcast..Thanks guys and GREAT JOB on the billboard!

Maybe we can get them to link to our newest EXMORMON RANT Podcast too?

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1 comment to EXMORMON RANTS #12-“Anti-Mormon” Billboard In Utah

  • N7

    I am new to your site, just listened to your rant concerning your traffic accident. I’m retired LEO worked in SLC downtown. To validate your rant, you are correct 100%! The SLCPD brass is owned by the LDS cult. Unwritten law, common knowledge all GA extended family are off limits. Including violent felonies if the crime can be contained withholding info from community. Last officer cited GA spouse minor traffic violation was terminated. UPOA, FOB police unions are owned by the cult. DA office investigator was denied access to Monson by church security, Det. Needed to clear case and close it out, denied warrant , Det is a 20 vet retired LAPD, being unaware of Utah silence code entered church office building threatened cult sec with arrest for obstruction, got to Monson for essential interrogation, massive fraud identified, forced to close case inactive / unfounded AG Pros, refused case, Det left Utah for chief position in other state large metro city, all info accurate. I’ve stood in GA homes kids suspect in variety of mis-fel, position threatened, cult owns mayor, city council members, judges. Feared R Anderson ,corrupt beyond most other PD’s outside Utah, bribes, hush money, own media , it’s a joke described much like Nazi Germany PD equal to SS. I’ve lived it, witnessed it, the GA cult leaders own manage, run Utah. This is why they live here, they are law, wish I could say more, to dangerous. Contact me will meet in person .

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