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Demon of Kolob on the MORmON Cult's advice to have children first, before even getting an education or a job. He points out that if you can't afford kids, you shouldn't have them or at least not so many.

Demon gives GREAT ADVICE on how you should plan your life before having children, contrary to the MORmON CULT'S teachings:

1.Schooling-get your education!
2.Start your career..GET A JOB!
3.Wait a couple years after marriage to start a family..make sure you'll get along & the marriage will last. Then have one kid & see how it goes.

No need to breed at all cost & pop out a new kid every 9-10 months..that's absurd!

Having children is not a requirement for everyone, EXCEPT from the MORmON CULT, when some people aren't even cut out to be parents. If you don't want to have kids or 10 kids..IT'S OKAY FOLKS, your God will forgive you!

Don't do something you don't even want to do just because your cult tells you to!

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