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EXMORMON RANTS #45-Elizabeth Smart 12 Years Later

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Demon of Kolob takes a look back at the Elizabeth Smart "kidnapping" or was she really a runaway as she repeatedly stated to the police and news media after they found her.

She was actually the polygamous wife of Brian David Mitchell, which the MORmON Hierarchy didn't want discussed, for obvious reasons, because it links back to Joseph Smith and his child brides/rape.

Demon makes many great points that many of you will find fascinating as I did, that you've probably never heard before.

One note, fully supporting Demon's claims, was that Mormon Prophet at the time, Gordon B. Hinckley, actually went to the Smart's house personally to pray with them and give them a blessing. When have you ever heard of that happening before?!

Elizabeth Smart later went on a mission to France in Nov of 2009. Smart returned temporarily from her mission in November 2010 to serve as the chief witness in the federal trial of Brian David Mitchell, her former polygamous husband and kidnapper.

Elizabeth Smart testified that her captor "raped her three or four times a day, kept her tied up with a cable around her leg, and threatened to kill her if she tried to escape."

After the end of the trial she returned to France to finish her mission, coming home to Utah in the spring of 2011. Missionaries normally aren't even allowed to come home for a parent's, Grandparent's, friend's or sibling's funeral, yet she was given special privileges to come home for the trial.

Also, while on her mission, she was often seen playing the harp in public squares and I'll post the picture. In other words, she was given very special, elite privileges that no other missionary gets, because she is a rich and famous celebrity Mormon, that lives by a 2nd set of rules(NO RULES!) as I've clearly documented over the years.

I promise that she lived in nice places or the mission home and never lived in a filthy hole like the normal missionaries do or had to eat or drink contaminated food or water.

She was engaged to Matthew Gilmour, a native of Scotland, in January of 2012 and was married in the Laie, Hawaii temple, in February 2012.

They met while serving their mission in France. Originally, they'd planned a summer marriage but moved it up 4-5 months, to February 2012, claiming too much scrutiny by the press.

The Smarts seek out the press every chance they get & have never met a camera they didn't like, at any point in time, so that reasoning was a little suspect & surprising to me & didn't make much sense at all.

I'd love to know how much money the Smarts as a whole have raked in, due to Elizabeth's kidnapping, with books, speaking engagements, public appearances, etc, along with all the notoriety & celebrity.

They are the epitome of a rich, famous, celebrity, Mormon family and the MORmON Cult leaders love them!!

Of course everything that Demon stated in the rant & what I’ve written here is our opinion, based on the facts as we know them.

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