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EXMORMON RANTS #1-Perverted MORmON Bishops!!

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This is episode #1 of EXMORMON RANTS & today I discuss PEDOPHILE MORMON BISHOPS, who ask children as young as 7-8 if they masturbate, look at porn or have sexual intercourse.

This is part of the sick and criminal perversions of Mormonism dating back to 1830 & the original SICK PERVERT Joseph Smith, who married & then raped little girls as young as 14.

These are the TRUE FRUITS of MORmONISM! Think Warren Jeffs in modern times for the equivalent of Joseph Smith.

If anyone in normal society did what most if not all Mormon Bishops do every Sunday, all around the world; they'd be locked up in Federal prison and on the sex offenders registry, which is where ALL MORMON BISHOPS belong that participate in this sick, pedophile program of MORMON/LDS INC, sanctioned now by the MORmON Profit ThomASS Monson.

Let's also remember that most likely ALL of the current MORmON Hiearchy(Seventies, ASSpostHOLES, First Presidency & the MORmON PROFIT himself!) were once Bishops & Stake Presidents asking these perverse, sick, very personal and sexual probing questions of little kids and this includes Mitt Romney.

These sick and twisted perversions needs to end and needs to end now!!

Parents, PLEASE PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM THESE MORMON PEDOPHILES and PREDATORS & call the police if your children are asked sexual probing questions, behind a closed door, alone, by a strange man called a Bishop, who has no right to do so, especially if you haven't given your permission or told them explicitly not do it & then they do it anyway!!

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