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EXMORMON RANTS #18-TRUE Cost of Temple Weddings/John Dehlin

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This is an EXMO RANT where I discuss the TRUE cost of a temple wedding.

This rant was inspired by Lori Crandall, who linked to a great post from RFM, over in our EX-MORMON ATHEISTS group on Facebook. Thank you so much Lori..you're the best and your strength and desire to help others is amazing!!

The TRUE cost of a temple wedding isn't JUST the monetary cost that everyone thinks of, but the cruel and despicable exclusion of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, etc and any kids that haven't been through the temple simply because they aren't old enough.

When I was younger, I couldn't see my brothers or sisters get married, simply because I was too young for the temple..no other reason! What a shame..how terrible!

This whole thing is a very cruel sham and needs to be stopped immediately!

People, including and especially active members of the MORmON CULT, need to STAND UP and FIGHT for their rights to have EVERYONE they want at their weddings! Sadly, most don't dare to do it!

WAKE UP and don't stand for this pathetic, leftover rule of polygamy secrecy to ruin your life and the lives of your children!! Maybe everyone should withhold their tithing until this awful rule is changed!


Let the MORmON Hierarchy know who the boss is and hit them where it hurts!! Don't let a bunch of sex obsessed, perverted, uninspired old men ruin what is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life or the lives of your children!

If they were wrong on Blacks being cursed for 183 years, maybe, just maybe they're wrong on this too..ya think?!


Oh and John Dehlin..PICK A SIDE and stick with it..from MORmON to inactive to Atheist and back to MORmON now..we're all getting whiplash and your credibility is taking a big hit!!

How can you possibly know all that you know about the horrific things in MORmON history and doctrines and now return to full fellowship and even worse..allow your wife and children to be subjected to this abuse, that you're so aware of. WHY would you want to allow this? Is there a reason we're not aware of? Do you sell your tokens or credibility for money John?

Do you allow your children to be asked probing sexual questions, alone, behind closed doors by your local Bishop or has Jeffrey Holland granted you and your kids an exception on that one?

You want to go into psychology and help people screwed up by the MORmON CULT..my advice is to first ask yourself why they are so screwed up and damaged and secondly, to help yourself and your own family first.

If you can't even help them, how can you help anyone else when you're a hypocrite?!!

I really appreciated your great and strong views on the recent debate on Doug Fabrizio's show(posted on my Mormon Truth Interviews Podcast) and it just makes me really question and wonder why you'd stay if you really feel that strongly about the racism issue. Reminded me of the great interview you did with Darron Smith almost 8 years ago.

If you need professional help to unravel the indoctrination, you should seek it out immediately or have a talk with some EXMOS like myself..we'll cut to the chase and help clear your mind of the MORmON cobwebs!!

What is THE REAL REASON you're staying John and it simply CAN'T BE that you believe the MORmON CULT is true or "The One True Church On Earth!"


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