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This GREAT rant by Demon of Kolob, is about the destructive force of MORmON Gossip!

They don’t care about the facts, TRUTH or reality..but just love to gossip, spread complete lies & think the worst of everyone. It’s in their DNA!

I believe it’s the “GOD-IN-EMBRYO” arrogance coming out that IS MORmON doctrine(they publicly deny it of course!) & was specifically taught by Spencer W. KimBALLS in A Miracle of forgiveness..a HORRIFIC BOOK that has led to countless suicides!! They sadly have a shrine built to this psychologically abusive book in the church’s history museum.

So, the next time a MORmON tells you something about somebody or anything, simply ask yourself: “is this real or just typical BS MORmON gossip that they heard from someone who told someone who told them, that has no basis in any truth whatsoever!”

99.9% of the time, that is the case & MORmON gossip is pure BS & total lies, which they have no issue with telling, unless it’s about them & somebody else is doing it..OOPS..LOL!!

The worst rumors are about people that decide not to get married in the MORmON temple or missionaries that come home early..EVERYONE is whispering “they must’ve had sex”, whether they did or not!

But hey, like Demon says..it doesn’t matter if they did or didn’t & maybe came home sick, couldn’t take the abuse or just maybe wanted their family & friends at their wedding, etc..if they say they had sex, they had sex! GUILTY AS CHARGED!!

MORmONS are vicious & will proudly eat their own if they feel it will advance their own stature & agenda or help them get promoted higher up in the cult.

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1 comment to EXMORMON RANTS #19-MORmON Gossip is BS!

  • Lori Crandall

    This is such a HUGE issue! I have been the victim of such serious hate, HORRIBLE things that have been said and spread about me. It has turned beloved family members against me for LIFE. They have never come back. I tried to defend myself, but the abuse got worse afterwards. I am a piece of trash to them, a dangerous piece of trash and I’m now this very minute coming to terms with the fact that I’ll most likely never see these people again in my life…all because of hurtful, shameful Mormon gossip. Thanks for posting this.

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