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EXMORMON RANTS #20-Perverted Boyd K Packer’s Little Factory!

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This is another great rant by Demon of Kolob on one of the most horrific, life-destroying, suicide causing talks ever given in MORmON Inc. history. It was given by the bigot & perverted, sex obsessed, NEXT-IN-LINE to be PROFIT, Boyd KKK Packer. He pervertedly & disgustingly talks in graphic details about little boys2019 201Clittle factories" or penises & what they should or shouldn't do with them.

The topic is horrendous, the advice is absolutely WRONG & dangerous & in the end, this talk gets even more disturbing when Packer proudly supports(laughing heartily along with the sick, brainwashed audience of MORmONS in the October 2, 1976 Priesthood session) violence against anyone that is even perceived to be homosexual, by punching them & knocking them down. "Oh is that all201D he said in response to a missionary who confessed to punching & knocking down his companion.

Sadly, Boyd2019s only regret is that he can2019t do it & physically assault them himself, and he wishes he could, because 201Csomeone had to do it201D..you know..it wouldn2019t look good for an ASSpostHOLE of The Lord to go around punching anyone that they thought might be a homosexual. HATE CRIME ANYONE?! This despicable man hates gays, blacks(or anyone that isn2019t white) & has even taught that interracial marriages are forbidden. He believes your penises & vaginas are in his hands, to decide when you can use them & how!

Let2019s hope, for the greater good, that this sicko, pervert actually outlives Monson & becomes the MORmON PROFIT, so that he, along with his cult can be obliterated with criticism by all EXMOS & then mainstream press when they get hold of his racist & perverted talks, like 201CFollow the Rule201D & this 201CTo Young Men Only201D talk. The other ASSpostHOLES might come up with another plan to make sure that he doesn2019t become PROFIT under any circumstances, as they know who & what he is & they hate him too! NOTHING would surprise me!

Kip Eliason, a 16 year old boy from Idaho, who was athletic & had straight As in school, tragically committed suicide after not being able to stop masturbating. His father sued the CULT & won after Kip2019s Bishop had made his son obsessed with masturbation, which ultimately led to his depression & suicide. NOTHING changed in MORmON Inc. after this tragic death & they2019ve continued on, obsessing over masturbation & not missed a beat! Why?

Because they honestly don2019t care who kills themselves..they do it for control & if you kill yourself over it, then they didn2019t want you anyway..you were weak & not able to be controlled..so the hell with you..you might as well die!! This is the sad & tragic truth..much more to be said..but get a clue MORmONS..you2019re just a number & if you die tomorrow, the MORmON CULT Hierarchy won2019t care, won2019t miss you & won2019t miss a beat!


I will post the video & links to this horrific talk on the blogpost for this episode, over on EX-MORMON RADIO! Watch of listen to it for yourself..you2019ll be SHOCKED!! Ask yourself..DO I WANT TO REMAIN A MEMBER OF THIS DESTRUCTIVE CULT?!!

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1 comment to EXMORMON RANTS #20-Perverted Boyd K Packer’s Little Factory!

  • Lori Crandall

    Totally agreed…And it wasn’t just the boys. Girls were also guilted into not thinking about sex, never ever touching yourself and totally shunning your body. It’s no joke. This all makes you hate your very self.

    Yes,…control and money.

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