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EXMORMON RANTS #21-WOW..Gay Marriage Legal In Utah!!

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Demon of Kolob reacts to Gay marriage now being legal in Utah, thanks to a Federal judge. It was really a shocking moment for all..those for and against it!

I'm sure the MORmON CULT HIERARCHY NEVER saw it coming, like normal, despite their supposed "spirit of discernment", which of course has never and will never really exist, OBVIOUSLY!

Kind of like the Internet(their downfall!)..they never saw that coming either..OOPS!

Anyway, it is a great and exciting moment in the history of the horrifically bigoted(racist, sexist and homophobic!) and hate-filled MORmON run state of Utah.

Of course the typical bigots are out in force once again, specifically the revolting MORmON Governor Herbert and his MORmON Puppet Masters(his bosses), the MORmON Hierarchy, are all outraged at this new freedom granted homosexuals(it2019s an outright attack on traditional marriage..REALLY..HOW?!), allowing them to get married just like everyone else and they are vowing to fight it till the end. OF COURSE..THAT'S WHAT PROUD BIGOTS DO 24/7/365!!

They've already tried and failed to get an immediate stay, 3 times and I'm sure they'll try and fail many more times and hopefully this great new law will stand-up and cost them millions or BILLIONS more, as they fight it in vain.

Who would've thought that Utah, would be the 18th state to grant gay marriage..LOL..WOW..they first lost the battle in California and Hawaii, after they and their members spend countless millions and then BOOM..Utah is allowing gay marriage too!

They took their eye off the ball in their own home state of proud bigotry, thinking they were safe and I guess they forgot to grease the palms of the right people to ensure that this never happened..maybe we finally had someone in Utah that could not be bought off by the corrupt, criminal enterprise of MORmON INC..they may have tried and failed!

It is a great day of celebration in Utah for those that are for equal and civil rights and not hate-filled bigots(many MORmONS and their worshipped MORmON Hierarchy past and present!).

I'd also like to point out that now they don't just want to stop gay marriages from ever happening, as they've done in the past, fighting Prop 8, etc, but now actually want to STRIP THE ALREADY GIVEN RIGHTS away from homosexuals that have been granted to them.

What they're doing now is even worse than what they've done before as homosexuals now have marriage rights and MORmON LEADERS want to go back to them NOT HAVING THOSE RIGHTS. It2019s an important distinction!

They are now SCREAMING and SHOUTING to the world, at the top of their lungs, from MORmON headquarters…WE ARE PROUD, DIE-HARD, HATE-FILLED BIGOTS..WE HATE HOMOSEXUALS..WE WANT TO TAKE AWAY THEIR LAWFULLY(Article of Faith 12?!) GIVEN RIGHT TO GET MARRIED..let2019s hope everyone hears their battle cry and that it devastates their revenues both short and long term..yes, their intense hatred and bigotry in this instance is even more important than their revenues, which doesn't happen very often!

If or when the MORmON Hierarchy are finally FORCED(due to MASSIVE and INCREASING bad PR and revenue losses!) to get a new "revelation" and admit they were also wrong on homosexuals and gay marriage, just like Blacks being cursed and the Priesthood FOR 183 YEARS, polygamy, etc..what will happen?

I predict that not only will they lose die-hard members that supported and defended them, just like on cursing Blacks and the Priesthood(their defenders are now EMBARRASSED AND PISSED!), but they'll also lose many members that are actually VERY proud bigots that strongly and proudly supported their hate of homosexuals simply because they themselves hate homosexuals and are bigoted MORmONS because they love belonging to a hate-filled, bigoted cult, where they are comfortable and with their own.

Their only option after leaving MORmONISM might be to join the KKK or Westboro Baptists!

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