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EXMORMON RANTS #22-MORmON Perfection/Impossible Expectations

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This is a rant based on the MORmON goal of "PERFECTION" & IMPOSSIBLE EXPECTATIONS!

Utah is ALWAYS at or near the top in leading the United States in suicides(especially teen suicides) and anti-depressant use. It is 100% related to the MORmON CULT & their doctrines & teachings that every member should be perfect. One of the stated missions of the CULT, is "The Perfection of the Saints"..I taught it for 2 years on my mission..so no one can tell me differently!

The MORmON leaders talk about these perfect people, especially themselves, that make everyone else feel lesser than, which leads to low self-esteem & depression & tragically, in too many cases, suicide.

The leaders don't care if you do kill yourself, because they only want what they consider to be strong people, who can be controlled & then help them do the controlling of others.

Hell, they don't even care when one of their "precious" missionaries dies..they just plug someone else in & in some cases, won't even mention them or tell the parents what happened, like the latest missionary that was killed in Mexico. I KNOW first-hand that the Parents STILL have no idea what happened and ThomASS Monson won't tell them anything..truly tragic!!

Don't let these truly vile, evil men control you or tell you what your self-worth is..get out and GET OUT NOW!! Take back control over your life & self-esteem..these vile men know NOTHING about you or your value!!

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