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EXMORMON RANTS #23-Better Off, Lucky & Happier DEAD!

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This is just a quick rant, discussing what is commonly said when someone tragically dies in MORmONISM, since it really doesn't fit "the plan" that they speak so much of, ALL THE TIME!

I review the most common phrases like "they're in a better place now", "they are now in peace", "they must have been really worthy for "GOD" to call them home, "God needed them to fight some big battle going on in the spirit world", "they passed the test", "they are so lucky, to not have to live in this evil, vile world anymore"(LOL!), etc, etc, etc!

I sincerely hope that I & all of you listening to this podcast, are FAILING "THE TEST" miserably & have many more years to go before the "MORmON GOD" MURDERS you because you "passed the test!" WTF?!

When a missionary tragically dies, beyond the phrases above, we often and sadly hear: "They died in the service of their Lord..what better place to die, than as a missionary", "It was all part of the plan", "they were so worthy..too worthy to remain on earth even a second longer, so "GOD" called them home to be with him..GOD needed them", "well at least they were sent right to the top, the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom" and my personal favorite.."they're still missionaries on the other side now, still preaching the Gospel" and never even missed a beat, knocking doors I suppose? LOL!

I wonder if Mr. Mac is contracted to sell suits in the spirit world too?

So if they do die and become "missionaries in the spirit world"..how long does that mission last? FOR ALL ETERNITY?! I know that there are many missionaries that can't wait for their missions to end and wouldn't want to tragically die and then be FORCED to be missionaries on the other side. Are they given the choice or is it slavery for GOD, just like missions here are slavery for THE MORmON CULT?!

Does "GOD" interview them and repeatedly ask them if they masturbate..oh wait, he'd already know right, since he's all knowing..YOU BETTER NOT MASTURBATE ELDERS/SISTERS OR "GOD" will continue to curse the investigators and not allow you to find them due to lack of spirituality, self-control and private part abuse!!

Of course it would be much easier to teach and convert people on the other side, since NO FAITH would be required for those that they'd be teaching, since they've died on earth and realize now that they're still alive in the spirit world, along with their friends and family. OOPS!

Just another flaw of many in the MORmON'S "Plan of Salvation"(BS!) that I've been pointing out for almost 9 years now.

I'll discuss the very dangerous and life destroying MORmON doctrine of "BETTER OFF DEAD" another time. I did a podcast on it previously, but I'll go over it again, as the video has now been viewed or downloaded over 50,000 times.

The TRUTH about MORmONISM is being exposed and absorbed by the world more every day and the missionaries will continually find it harder and harder to find anyone to convert, due to EDUCATION, as the Internet continues to spread all around the world.

Up until now, MORmONISM has 100% depended on the ignorance and complete lack of education of those that are baptized..I won't call them converts, because they are not converts. How can anyone "CONVERT" to something when they are NOT TOLD THE TRUTH and FACTS?!

They're being duped, lied to, tricked and deceived by the very clever MORmON Hierarchy, along with their personable, hard working missionaries, the majority of which don't even realize that they're leading one gigantic Ponzi/pyramid scheme on the world AND PAYING FOR THE PRIVILEGE; while being abused and threatened by their leaders daily and living in horrendous conditions, while drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food, with no hope of proper medical care when they inevitably and REGULARLY get sick!!

This is just another MORmON human rights tragedy that needs to be EXPOSED and STOPPED!!(like the electro-shock/vomit gay therapy at BYU, using hardcore porno, started by current PROFIT ThomASS Monson!)


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