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EXMORMON RANTS #29-Civil Weddings Before The Temple?!

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There is a rumor that maybe, just maybe the hard-hearted, cruel, vile, we don’t give a damn about you MORmON Hierarchy, is about to change a long-standing policy that has long stood, in order to further fill their coffers.

That is the requirement to get married in the temple FIRST, unless you want to be publicly SHAMED & embarrassed & get married civilly & then have to wait an entire year to get sealed in Joe’s house of horrors..the MORmON temple!

In the meantime, the MORmON rumor mill(remember it’s NEVER WRONG, whether true or not..no facts needed!) will kick into high gear & the rumors will start to fly that you must have been unworthy or having sex, so that you weren’t worthy to get married/sealed in the temple.

For the families & friends that are shunned(and this is very personal for me, as many of my family/friends & those of my wife were shutout of our wedding!) & shut out of the temple, I sure hope the rumor is true, but my fear is that most people STILL wouldn’t take advantage of it in fear of the shame they will still feel for doing it in reverse order of what they’ve always been taught.

What if they get married civilly today & then plan to get married in the temple next week & one or both of them die?! OOPS!


My guess is that MORmON Leaders will make a statement, using FEAR & their mind-control/manipulation techniques & say something like “while it is possible now to get married civilly first & then get sealed in the temple, we don’t recommend it & it isn’t the Lord’s way or what he wants for his children.”

Mark my words..that’s if it happens at all, due to the severe hit they’ll take in their revenue flow. Surely they have to know that if they were to do this & everyone started actually taking advantage of it..their revenue losses would be devastating!!

I’ll post a link on EX-MORMON RADIO, on the post to this episode, to the Salt Lake Tribune article regarding this subject.

My wife brought up tonight, how unfair it is that people who already have younger children(pre-mission age), from past relationships, can’t even have their children present for their temple wedding. GREAT POINT! So not only does it affect younger brothers(like it personally affected me & other brothers & sisters, NOT being able to see our siblings get married simply because we were too young!), sisters, etc, but the children of couples getting re-married. EVEN THEY ARE PUNISHED! Families are Forever MY ASS!! Why isn’t there outrage & a public outcry over this?!

Children can’t even attend the wedding of their own parents..how just is that MORmON GOD?! Also, why can children go into the temple to be sealed to their parents, in the same damn rooms, yet are too young, unworthy & can’t be there for the actually wedding ceremony? PUNISHING INNOCENT CHILDREN..BE PROUD MORmONS!! Any common sense or logic there Tommy Boy..oh yeah..REVENUE, that’s right!! Ah..just blame it all on that loser, deviant & sex pervert Joseph Smith, who started the whole secrecy from outsiders, in order to hide his secret polygamous marriages, because MORmONS supposedly weren’t even polygamists until around 1853, when they finally admitted it publicly for THE FIRST TIME!!

There was also a follow up to the original story, where they did a 30+ minute chat, which I’ll post below.

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