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EXMORMON RANTS #34-@Jreynolds323 & Better off DEAD!!

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This is a rant about Jeremy Reynolds, from Dallas, Texas, that I unfortunately met over on Twitter.

He’s a die-hard MORmON who doesn’t disagree with & therefore supports the doctrine of Heber J. Grant, from the Oct 1944 General Conference, stating that “There is no true Latter-day Saint who would not rather bury a son or a daughter than to have him or her lose his or her virtue, realizing that virtue is of more value than anything else in all the wide world.”

I’ll include the link on the post for this rant!


This guy repeatedly engages me, then blocks me & forbids me from responding & has now reported me twice that I know of. He’s a real MORmON nut job(which I’m sure Twitter is aware of at this point!) & perfect example of a die-hard MORmON CULTIST!!

I reported him too by the way, for my own protection & for his reckless, cat & mouse & bait & switch, abusive activity on Twitter. I don’t care if he gets suspended or not but felt Twitter should know what the victims of this predatory & deceitful MORmON are experiencing!!

Normally I wouldn’t give a shit or report him but when he publicly states multiple times that he’s reporting me, I have no choice! I just want Twitter to know both sides & he’s doing this to everyone.

I hope you’re out there listening Jeremy..did you really think I wouldn’t publicly expose you & respond publicly to your BS?!

I don’t need your “WRITTEN PERMISSION” to comment on public conversations..time to scrap your arrogant “GOD-IN-EMBRYO” ego!!

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