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EXMORMON RANTS #35-HEY..Where’s My Planet?!

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Another great rant by Demon of Kolob, simply asking "HEY, where's my planet?!"

The MORmON CULT Hierarchy recently, shockingly announced that their members would no longer be getting their own planets. They released their latest essay, which claims they've never taught that, which we all know is a lie.

This latest lie can easily be exposed by simply reading the promises made by former PROFITS & ASSpostHOLES, who have repeatedly talking about male members becoming GODS & getting their own planets. This is basic, CORE doctrine of MORmONISM, that I've known since I was a little kid. Spencer W. KimBALLS, as just ONE example, still posted on LDS.ORG, promised 225,000 men in the October 1975 Priesthood session(I'll include the link where you can read/watch it for yourself!) that they might all get their own planet, if worthy of course.

But they've never taught this, right?! LIARS!!


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