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EXMORMON RANTS #44-Kate Kelly & John Dehlin-June 2014

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This was a rant that I did back on June 20, 2014(before Kate's court and John's postponed, "deescalated" calm sit-down chat) about the Kate Kelly and John Dehlin summons to appear in a church court or "COURT OF LOVE" as they're better known.

Basically, they were both threatened with excommunication, John was told to resign or be excommunicated and Kate was commanded to take down her Ordain Women site and disassociate herself from it or be excommunicated and in the end, Kate was excommunicated and John was not!


Simply, Kate is a woman and John is a man & so the woman/feminist got exed once again, just like Sonia Johnson back in 1979. As they say, "the more things change, the more they stay the same!"

Ironically, Kate Kelly was exed in the same exact Stake as Sonia Johnson, for those who didn't know that fact!

Kate's Stake President is Scott M. Wheatley, of the Oakton, Virginia Stake and John's Stake President is Bryan C. King of the North Logan Stake. Both Stake President's are TRASH in my opinion and need to be publicly exposed, embarrassed and held accountable for their reprehensible actions!

They could have always said no to the MORmON Hierarchy, but they're clearly yes men, "whatever you say sir" men and are incapable of thinking or acting for themselves!

In other words, EXACTLY the type of men the MORmON Hierarchy is looking for to guide and direct their CULT and carry out their orders!
It may be 35 years after Sonia Johnson, but one thing is still crystal clear; the MORmON CULT Hierarchy STILL hate and despise strong, outspoken women as much now or more, than they did back in 1979. They see them as HUGE threats to their "power" or "penishood!"

The mastermind of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, John D. Lee, who was excommunicated and executed for his crimes at the time, was reinstated to full membership and blessings posthumously by the First Presidency in April of 1961.

So to put things in perspective, Kate Kelly, according to the MORmON Hierarchy, is now ranked far worse than a mass murderer of innocent men, women, children and babies!

Dallin Hoaks even said in the PBS Documentary "The MORmONS"(also famously and arrogantly stating "it's wrong to criticize leaders of the church, even if the criticism is true"), that he prays for the forgiveness of those mass murderers, even though murder is stated as an unforgivable sin in this life and the next, by Joseph Smith, which is clearly stated in their Doctrine and Covenants. Does Dallin Hoaks pray for Kate Kelly, that she'll be forgiven, like he does the mass murderer John D. Lee and all the others that participated in the Mountain Meadows Massacre?!!

Think about that one for a second and let it marinate..WOW and then share it with everyone you can!!

If we want to simply weigh the evidence(and I'm sorry John but the facts are the facts, as you know!)..on who has done more extensive damage to the church and caused more members to resign or be exposed to THE TRUTH and FACTS? No question that if anyone should have been exed just based on who has caused more damage, it is clearly John Dehlin.

John went on every interview he could find to reiterate all the things he didn't believe in, which is basically every foundational belief of the MORmON church. This makes me sick & was clearly an injustice of mammoth proportions.

Meanwhile, Kate is or was STILL a true-believer and just wanted the Hierarchy to simply pray about women having the Priesthood and just wanted a clear answer, which they clearly refused to give. The answer was..SHUT UP WOMAN, BOW YOUR HEAD, SUBMIT TO US, GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN..YOU'RE EXCOMMUNICATED!!

Who will they go after next?! While I greatly admire the work and courage of both Kate and john..if there's ever any doubt about who should be exed, between a man and a woman..the man and Priesthood holder will ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt, even after 9 years of exposing every filthy detail of their dirty history and doctrines, especially if the woman is strong & outspoken like Kate!!

Keep up the great work Kate and hold their feet to the fire!!

Oh & just for the record, new church spokesMAN Ally Isom publicly admitted to Doug Fabrizio, on his radio show, that nowhere, YES, NOWHERE in official church doctrine, does it state that women can't have the Priesthood..OOPS..it's just a policy..WOW!! All of this over a "POLICY?!"

What a disgrace!! What a debacle!!

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