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EXMORMON RANTS #47-Mormon Polygamy Alive & Well In 2015!

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This is my rant regarding MODERN-DAY MORmON polygamy, that is still alive and well in 2014, contrary to what current MORmON Leaders have said, like Gordon B. Hinckley.

MORmONS and EX-MORmONS alike always talk about how a male MORmON can have his wife die and then remarry another woman in the temple, like Dallin Hoaks.

What they always neglect to say, is that she doesn't have to die at all..they can just get divorced civilly and then the man can legally remarry another woman IN THE TEMPLE, with full approval of the First Presidency.

A man could be married to 10 or 20 living women if he wanted & had the approval of the First Presidency.

Hinckley may have stated to Larry King and the world, that polygamy "it is not doctrinal", but that is of course a BALD-FACED LIE, since it is still happening today & polygamy is STILL contained their canonized scripture, in D and C 132 for all to read. These policies are also clearly contained in The Bishop's Handbook of Instructions.

I just wanted to clear this up for anyone that had any confusion about it & educate the world about modern-day MORmON polygamy.

When will the MORmON Hierarchy admit to this vile practice in an essay, still happening in 2015?!

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  • Laura

    My ex Mormon husband is sealed to three of us. His first wife, his second wife and his now third wife.

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