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EXMORMON RANTS #5-Halloween-Trunk/Trick or Treat

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This is my rant from Halloween night, after we hardly had any kids come to the door for candy & I discovered why.

Normally, we have AT LEAST 75-100 kids and this Halloween we only had 15-20 max. Our neighborhood was like a ghost town, hardly any kids anywhere. I was like WTF?!!

Turns out the MORmON CULT WORSHIP CENTER where I live had a "TRUNK OR TREAT" which was NOT a SUPPLEMENT to Halloween rather a REPLACEMENT for Halloween.

The kids is this MORmON Ward were told NOT to go Trick or Treating, rather just come to the MORmON sanctioned "TRUNK OR TREAT"(held the Saturday BEFORE Halloween..NOT THE SAME!) and that would be the end of their Halloween activities, since the MORmON CULT LDRS said so. When they speak, the thinking is done, right?

They also laid down a guilt trip on the members and kids, stating that "they've asked members to do this before and they didn't listen & that it'd be nice if they actually listened and obeyed this year and did what they were being asked to do."

So, end result..the neighborhood was a ghost town, the sheep listened, bowed their heads and said yes and what a d-a-m-n shame!!

Think for yourselves MORmONS and don't take fun away from your kids just because your leaders don't care if you or your kids have fun. Since Hinckley took over, MORmONISM became the official "NO FUN ZONE!" Hinckley literally gutted the MORmON church/cult of anything good, fun or enjoyable and the tradition now continues with Monson.

I'm glad that some kids still went trick or treating..maybe they all came from non-member or inactive Mormon families or were just rebels..cuz they BROKE THE RULES of "God's annointed"..THANKFULLY!!

Let's hope next year will bring more kids!!

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1 comment to EXMORMON RANTS #5-Halloween-Trunk/Trick or Treat

  • Demon of Kolob

    It is great no little beggers knocking on my door. The church must take control of everything.

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