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EXMORMON RANTS #50-Missionary’s Mom Dying

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I recently found out about a Mormon missionary whose mom was literally hours away from death.

He was allowed to briefly visit her & was then whisked back to the mission, which was obviously far more important than his mom dying or being with his family in that forever life altering moment.

I'm sure one day it'll be the biggest regret in his life, if it isn't already!

I wonder if he's now okay or suffering from depression, as he's expected to fully focus on his daily duties of knocking on doors & trying to sell the CULT to people that have no interest.

Update from the poster: "The goodbye when he had to go was heartbreaking. He didn't want to leave his mother."

What a disgrace, what a waste..THE CULT ALWAYS COMES FIRST..LITERALLY RIPPING A GRIEVING KID FROM HIS MOTHER'S ARMS..how disgusting this story truly is!

I wonder if he'll be able to come home for her funeral? YEAH RIGHT! NOT A CHANCE IN KOLOB!

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