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EXMORMON RANTS #6-Halloween-Haunted Lagoon

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I was reminded tonight by Demon of Kolob, that I forgot to mention all the ridiculous restrictions like “NO MASKS ALLOWED”(which sucks!) at the trunk or treat at the church and that when Halloween falls on a Sunday, they celebrate it on Saturday..just like the 4th of July. What a JOKE!

Here is the horrific, original story and link that I refer to in the rant, that ThomASS Monson used to promote his/Jesus’ “ONE & ONLY TRUE Haunted Lagoon.”

In the spring of 1962, a labor missionary from Tonga was working late, digging out the lagoon for the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was growing dark, and he looked up to see a girl walking towards him.

Thinking that it was his sister bringing him some dinner, he turned around to put down his tools. But, when he looked up again, he saw no one there. Since that time, there have been several sightings of this lady in and around the villages of the Polynesian Cultural Center.

History has led us to believe that this “lady in white”, or the “La’ie Lady” as she has come to be known, is the spirit of a young girl who lived here many years ago.

Nalani was born on the west side of Oahu around the year 1780. As a beautiful teenager living in Honolulu, she quickly caught the attention of many young men, and fell in love with a visiting sailor. Against the wishes of her family, Nalani secretly married the boy. Only a few short weeks later, her family was outraged to discover their secret. They hunted the boy down and beat him severely.

The young couple fled up the windward coast to a sanctuary settlement located in the town of La’ie. Shortly after arriving, Nalani discovered that she was pregnant. Sadly, the young husband didn’t live long enough to see his child. The beating he had received had mangled him so severely that he could no longer hold on to life.

The young husband was buried next to the river, and a coconut tree was planted to mark his grave..a symbol of how he had floated across the ocean to plant his own seed. When she was not working in the Taro fields, Nalani would sit by the river next to the coconut tree, sometimes overcome by tears.

She gave birth to a baby boy a few months later, and became very reclusive. Eventually, she stopped talking with anyone else in the community. Her eyes and ears were only for her little boy.

On a morning, a few years later, Nalani woke to find her little boy missing. She ran around frantically the entire morning and eventually found one of his small toys lying on the riverside, across from her husband’s grave. She searched in vain for the child, walking up and down the river banks, and even diving into the river, searching for her child. However, he was never found.

Even more eccentric in her life, and more reclusive in her community, Nalani spent her days walking up and down the river, nurturing the coconut tree and calling out for her family. One day, she too, disappeared just like her son. Some believed that they had both been taken to the other side by the spirit of her dead husband.

The coconut tree still grows next to the river, which is now the lagoon at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The tree, like the owner of the grave it marks, has grown twisted and mangled. We call it the Kapakahi tree, and it grows next to the bridge connecting the Tongan village and Rapa Nui, standing as a reminder of the tragedy of this forbidden love.


Pretty inspirational, ain’t it?!!

The church must be true to in order to fabricate & then make millions off of that inspirational fable..hmm..what does that remind you of?

Here is a link to the Deseret News article that I speak of, where they say, after telling ThomASS Monson about their idea, it says:

“President Monson chuckled. He thought it was kind of cool,” Orgill said.”

Good to know Tommy Boy!! “COOL” & PROFITABLE..so what is the REAL REASON you shut it down?


Check out EXMORMON RADIO for the post that will include all of the above & working links so that you can go right to them.

Thanks everyone, as this podcast is already a great success!!

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