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EXMORMON RANTS #7-Fake Temple Recommends

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Another great rant by Demon of Kolob about people using fake temple recommends to enter the temple to see their son, daughter or loved one get married.

Who can fault a desperate parent for simply wanting to see their child get married? Is that a crime?! Why should the MORmON CULT defiantly stand between parents and their children on what is supposed to be the most special and memorable day of their lives?!

The ONLY reason that temple marriages were made secret ceremonies, for members only, dates back to Joseph Smith and his need to keep his polygamous/polyandrous and adulterous marriages a secret from the outside world. He lied publicly and denied being a polygamist until the day he died!

Time to move on from the 1840s and the secrecy and allow ALL parents, friends and family to see their loved ones get married in MORmON temples.

However, it will NEVER HAPPEN, because the MORmON Hierarchy knows what a revenue generator it is and doing the right thing and allowing all people to attend MORmON weddings, would too dramatically affect and devastate their bottom line of $$$..their sole purpose for existence!!
Maybe we can help expose this horrific practice to the world & shame them into changing their cruel & vile policy..if they get enough bad PR over it!

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