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Grant Palmer-Joseph Smith’s First Vision

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This was a lecture given by the great Grant H. Palmer at the Salt Lake City Library, Nov. 6, 2013, at 7:00 pm.

“Grant is an Author and retired CES director of 34 years.” He is most well known for his amazing book “An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins.” That book has helped countless thousands of people to leave the church.

The book was sold for almost 2 years at the Mormon/LDS/Jesus owned and operated Deseret bookstores, approved by Sheri Dew herself & the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley at the time.

After officially selling his book, on the shelf, for almost 2 years, they pulled it off the shelf & disfellowshipped Grant for writing the very book they had been selling and profiting from. Was anyone at Deseret Book punished for stocking and selling the book? OF COURSE NOT! They’re all just men and women who make mistakes, right?

What did Grant Palmer do that was worse than what John Dehlin has said or done over the last 8+ years? Has John Dehlin been punished? NOPE!

In fact John takes it MUCH, MUCH further that grant over his hundreds of hours of podcasts and has even interviewed Grant Palmer twice, giving him a forum to share his research & information. So Grant gets punished for his beliefs, but John can give him a public forum in which to share them?

Ironic, ain’t it?! Oh, by the way, if you call Deseret book today and ask them to order Grant’s book for you, they still will. It’s very much available, just not on the shelf..you know, that whole image thing Mormonism has going on.

I called Deseret Book myself & recorded the call, as proof for everyone, as I knew they’d lie and deny it. It’s on my Exposing Mormonism website under “calls” for those that want to hear it. I’ll release it here in iTunes as well.

By the way, the ONLY reason Grant Palmer wasn’t excommunicated, was because his particular Stake President doesn’t excommunicate ANYONE. In most cases, any other Stake President would’ve excommunicated him.

Grant just got lucky to have a Stake President who didn’t excommunicate. Although, he still put him through 7 hours of pure hell!

“Palmer stated in a Mormon Stories interview in 2012, that due to the publication of a two and half page article in 2010, “Religious feeling and truth”, for an obscure Baptist journal in Kansas City, a second disciplinary council was scheduled. Palmer handed in his resignation before the hearing was held.

Several reasons led to his decision, mainly, that the first disciplinary council lasted an exhausting seven hours and he did not want to repeat that experience and also that the presiding authority of the second council, let him know beforehand, that to stay a member and avoid excommunication, he would need to repudiate all of the details from his book and also regain his testimony of the church.”


This lecture was on Joseph Smith’s changing view of God as seen in his evolving First Vision accounts.

The full outline can be read here:


“Of particular note is that the First Vision problems are reportedly the 1st of 13 historical issues to be addressed by the Church starting in January 2014.” In other words, apologetics/LYING will once again be at work. Where is Daniel C. Peterson when you need him? Oh yeah, they fired him for going after John Dehlin(BFF of Mormon Apostle Jeffrey Holland now)..LOL..how ironic eh?!

Can’t wait though, to see how they attempt to once again, explain away the unexplainable! They failed before and will fail again, but what’s new? Don’t they realize that their paid apologists have been doing that(attempting that & failing miserably) for decades and it didn’t work then and won’t work now?!

What happened to Farms( and Daniel C. Peterson) again, that Hinckley made part of BYU in 1997, claiming it had such a “bright future?!” Oh yeah, shut down & fired, respectively. OOPS!

GOOD LUCK Mormons!!

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