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J. Willard Marriott-“Young people..like the bar scene.”

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J. Willard Marriott: “To young people,it’s lifestyle. It’s different. It’s exciting. It’s people who like the bar scene.”

Marriott was called to be an Area Authority Seventy in April 1997, released October 2011..he said “People like the bar scene” May 10, 2008..OOPS!

A MORmON General Authority promoting BOOZE for profit..just like MORmON PROFIT Monson selling booze in his/Jesus’ mall, right?

Marriott was speaking about his new “Boutique Hotels” which will feature booze, happy hour, etc. It’s all about the BOOZE!

Alcohol is condemned in MORmONISM and will even prevent you from getting baptized into the cult, if you don’t commit to stop drinking and stop drinking

This hypocrisy should surprise no one and is just par for the course. NONE of their rules or so called “standards” they brag about, apply to them, ESPECIALLY if it prevents them from making more filthy lucre to buy more land, build more malls, apartment/office buildings, etc.

MORmONISM is just a front for their criminal Corporation, better known as “The Corporation of the President.”

For transcript: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0805/10/bt.01.html

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