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Jean Bodie-2010-Good Works In A Post-Mormon World

"Good Works in a Post-Mormon World"

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Jean Bodie was born in Dorset, England in 1944 and joined the LDS Church in 1967. She immigrated to Canada the following year, and now lives in the Edmonton area with her husband Jim.

During Jean's years as a faithful member of the church, she served mainly with youth in Young Women's, seminary and Sunday school. Other callings include RS presidency and teacher. She also served as a temple ordinance worker and temple cleaning supervisor.

Jean and Jim served in the South Africa Cape Town Mission from April 2002 – Sept. 2003. This experience, and in particular some serious injuries sustained in an auto accident their 2nd day "in-country", opened Jean's mind about many issues regarding the church.

Jean and Jim returned to Africa under their own auspices in 2005 to help people start small businesses using the micro credit system as taught by BYU.

She has 5 children and 12 grandchildren. Since officially leaving the church in 2007, Jean has been actively involved in the EX-Mormon community, assisting those who struggle with adjusting to life outside the church.

Just over a year ago, she also became involved with the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign –raising funds to help sub-Saharan grandmothers who are caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren in destitute circumstances.

She returned in May 2010 from a visit to Johannesburg Projects and the first ever conference for African grandmothers held on African soil.

She served as one of 42 delegates, representing 240 fund-raising grandmother groups across Canada. Her position with her local group is that of advocacy — amplifying the African women's voices.

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