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Kay Burningham-2013-Are Mormon Leaders Above The Law?!

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"Are Mormon Leaders Above the Law? Fraud in the Inducement and Mormonism: An Historic and Contemporary Look"-

Kay Burningham graduated J. Rueben Clark Law School in 1982, clerked in San Francisco and initially worked as an insurance defense attorney in Southern California. She was appointed as a volunteer Judge Pro Tem/Civil Settlement Officer for the San Diego Superior Court from 1990 through 1995. Kay returned to Utah in 2001 and has practiced civil litigation as a trial attorney since then in Park City, and more recently, Salt Lake City.

She has extensive jury trial experience and was lead counsel on Daniels v. Gamma West Brachytherapy 221 P.3d 456 (2009) a medical malpractice case involving excess therapeutic radiation given to a cancer patient. The unanimous Supreme Court opinion clarified Utah law with regard to gross negligence and punitive damages.

She is the mother of two sons: Chris, a resident of Santa Barbara, California and a student at UCSB in chemical engineering and nanotechnology, and Danny, who will be a freshman at ASU in the Barrett Honors program this fall, majoring in computer science engineering. In her spare time she likes rollerblading, water and snow skiing.

She has two Himalayan cats, brothers, age fourteen. Kay is the author of "An American Fraud: One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism".

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