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Lyndon Lamborn-2008-Chased Out Of Mormonism

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Lyndon Lamborn-2008-Chased Out Of Mormonism-“

Lyndon Lamborn:

“When I first confronted my bishop about my findings and questions, he immediately went into ‘damage control’ mode. I mentioned in confidentiality that I had been discussing the issues with my brothers. The following week, my bishop had contacted the bishops of ALL my brothers, and they each received a visit from the ‘Men In Black’. I honestly felt I was in 1939 Nazi Germany. Real life is stranger than fiction!”

Lyndon is great man & here is an entire page dedicated to him & his achievements, interviews & writings, including the 2008 video of this presentation.


Thank you Mormon Think!

Here is a link to his 2008 Powerpoint presentation from the EXMO Conference:


Thank you Lyndon for being such a great example, so strong & courageous & for helping so many through your journey out of Mormonism!!

We are all thankful!

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