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M. Russell Ballard-“We Don’t Know We’re Dead When We die!”

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This audio(that I recorded..I own the copyright!) is from a Stake Conference I attended, where M. Russell Ballard stated that we would be doing genealogy in the next life & then repeatedly stated: "we don't know we're dead when we die", claiming that his Grandpa Melvin J. Ballard, an Apostle, taught this doctrine, so therefore, it "has to be true."

Sorry the audio isn't better..I was sitting quite far back, using a tape recorder at the time & there were lots of babies crying. I did the best I could do, not even knowing what would Ballard might say that was worth recording.

I just knew I should record it, just in case & I'm glad I did. I bought(broke the Sabbath!) the recorder on the way to the Stake Conference. LOL!

I've repeatedly asked Ballard to respond to this on Twitter & there has been nothing but silence..in fact, he blocked me a long time ago because of this subject.

Very "Christlike & loving" Ballard!!

This is a previous description I wrote about this audio:

M. Russell Ballard repeats at least 3 times, that "you don't know your dead when you die." He claims it's 100% true, because his Grandpa taught it, knew it personally and was an Apostle, so it can't be questioned and is 100% Mormon doctrine, now confirmed by 2 Mormon Apostles.

He says that you won't know your dead until you try to do something that you could do in the flesh, and won't be able to do it…then the light will go on that you're dead.

So, I guess one day you wake up, try to go to the bathroom, take a shower, pet the cat, etc and you won't be able to do it. Then what? He never explains what you do, once you realize that you are indeed dead? LOL!!

He then tells everyone about a vision that Wilford Woodruff had, where he was in heaven, and Joseph Smith ran past him, then Brigham Young ran past him along with other famous Mormon General Authorities, all in a huge hurry.

Finally, he got Joseph Smith to stop and talk to him, just for a second and asked him why he was running and in such a hurry; Joseph explained that they were doing genealogy, or "the work" for everyone and they had to hurry, because their wasn't much time and that all of the other generations, had thousands of years to prepare and do their work, but that they only had a very short time.

Well, it's been over 160 years since Joseph Smith was shot to death in a gun battle, after he had the printing press destroyed and Christ hasn't returned yet. I wonder if he's still running back and forth, along with Brigham Young and all the other dumb shit, Mormon GAs, because the time is so short.

I guess the ALL powerful Mormon God, couldn't just snap his fingers and have the work done? Well, at least they're getting their exercise and I just hope they get breaks and lunch, so that they don't get too overworked, hungry and thirsty, while running around doing all that genealogy.

Then again, maybe they still don't know that they're dead? LOL!!

Can you guys believe this BS?!!



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