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McCall Erickson-2010-Coffeehouse Music

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McCall Erickson is part singer-songwriter, part storyteller, and part comedian who knows how to hold an audience in the palm of her hand. With her emotionally candid songwriting style and her sultry, passionate vocals, she draws people in with inescapable creative force.

While on stage she shares her songs, stories, and silliness to inspire people to live their most authentic lives.

Her performances range from whimsically comical to heart piercing tearjerkers. She segues beautifully from singing about her best friend's stolen car, being a waitress in a noisy restaurant, and hilarious relationship dysfunctions to deeper issues such as grief, disillusionment, and spiritual freedom.

Her refreshing lyrics, colorful vocals, and relatable songs have drawn comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco.

McCall independently released her debut album “Beautiful Place” in June of 2008 and has made appearances on KJZZ TV, KUTV 2, and KRCL 90.9FM, as well as performing on many festival stages and in various listening rooms across the country.

She's also an avid Facebooker, nature lover, and green smoothie addict.

Find out more at www.mccallerickson.com

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