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Mormon Mission Pres. Allan Pratt In France

This is the audio of a Mormon missionary zone conference, in the France, Toulouse mission, held on November 4, 2003.

Mormon mission President/cult leader Allan Pratt, strongly condemns and trashes the missionaries on baptism numbers and masturbation, which he explains is the main reason they aren't being blessed with baptisms.

This is just more typical, Mormon BS and a perfect example of how the volunteer, Mormon missionaries are incredibly abused, threatened and emotionally and psychologically destroyed during their 2 years, which they and their families are paying for by the way.

So, as a Mormon missionary, you and your family pay, to have the "privilege", to be sent by the Mormon cult Prophet, to some hole in the ground, sometimes with no hot showers or running water.

Then they are threatened and abused, for not bringing in enough baptism numbers(tithing dollars), because you masturbate too much, have too many dirty thoughts, or use Yahoo or Hotmail, instead of the church approved LDSmail.net for missionaries.

Allan Pratt also states, in this absurd rant, that yes indeed, ONE cup of coffee, will keep you out of the Mormon Celestial kingdom. So, it doesn't matter how great of a person you are, or how much good you've done for others…drink that coffee and you're SCREWED!!

Hopefully this will open some of your eyes wide open, to the fraud, lies, coercion and fear, that drives the Mormon cult!!

And Mormons wonder why we call it a cult?!!

After listening to this audio, there will be NO DOUBT, that Mormonism is ABSOLUTELY A CULT and a very destructive one at that.

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1 comment to Mormon Mission Pres. Allan Pratt In France

  • Keriama

    I actually listened to the whole recording of what President Pratt said at the Toulouse Missionary Zone Conf, wondering what on earth he taught that was so alarming. I must say that he gave an excellent talk about morality and how careful young missionaries must be to keep themselves morally clean and pure during (and hopefully after) their mission…to set a good example as Christ would have them do. Not only that, but President Pratt expressed his love for the young men and spoke with a real concern for them and the important work they are engaged in.

    Unfortunately, in stark contrast, the Catholic Church does not regularly teach and warn the young (and older) clergy and ‘servers’ of that religion the consequences and dangers of engaging in sexual activity outside of traditional marriage and especially while serving as a representative of God, nor of how it affects the church on the whole (membership by conversions is waning). There is no genuine Love and concern from the top levels like as found in the LDS church. Subsequently, the Catholic Church has been plagued with sins/crimes of sexual assault/rape and abuse and homosexuality over the decades and I believe currently.

    Seems like the Mormons have got their act together. They really care about their young missionaries and the work they are doing and it shows.

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