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Mormon Truth #1-The Introduction & M. Russell Ballard

Originally published November 13, 2005

MP3 File

Mormon Truth-Podcast #1-The Introduction & M. Russell Ballard.

This podcast and all future podcasts that I do, will be to spread the “real truth” about the Mormon Church and expose the fraud that is the Mormon Church.

It’s time to uncover the lies and reveal them to the world!! I will share my opinions and viewpoints without holding back. They can run and cover up but they can’t hide from the “real truth!!

In this first podcast, I introduce myself and why I’ve decided to do these podcasts, along with writing my blog. I describe a little bit about my journey to the truth, my feelings and my discovery of the Mormon fraud.

I also express the passion that I have to share these things with others, in order to help them to also be able to escape the Mormon cult and have their freedom.

My main goal, is to help as many people as possible and to let everyone out there, that has also discovered this Mormon fraud, that they are not alone.

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