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Mormon Truth #13-Interview With Eric-Part 2

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Mormon Truth Podcast #13-Interview With Living Truth's Eric-Part 2

This is part 2 of my podcast with "The Living Truth's" Eric, who is doing an outstanding job by the way. I'm always amazed, at how great his knowledge is, regarding all things Mormon, which in most cases, easily surpasses the knowledge of most members and certainly the apologists.

At least Eric is able to use his brain and logic, to see things plainly and exactly the way they are, unlike the Mopologists like FARMS "Daniel C. Peterson" or FAIRS "John Lynch" who will claim that an apple is really a pineapple, and they'll show you how.

We talk about a lot of things in this part 2, including my journey to the truth and out of Mormonism, which included a big dose of Cognitive dissonance, along that path, as I tried to reconcile what I was finding, with what I had been taught all my life.

We discussed Darron Smith and the article in the Salt Lake City Weekly, which was really the impetus, that got me onto the path that I'm on now.

That then led me to Hinckley's interviews, which we discuss, along with polygamy and many other things.

We also discussed exactly "what is a special witness of Jesus Christ", since that is what the Apostles and Prophets, refer to themselves as. I also discuss my feelings on leaving the Mormon cult and the impact that it has had on me emotionally, spiritually and also in regard to my family and friends.

Also, at the beginning of this podcast, I play the "audio of Gordon B. Hinckley", the current Mormon Prophet's words, from this past Saturdays General Priesthood Session, April 1,2006, regarding racism.

I also give a few comments on what I think about the situation. I also just wanted to give a big shout out to Eric and say thanks again for having me on your podcast!! Let's do it again soon!!

Originally Posted April 6, 2006

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