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Mormon Truth #3-Joseph Smith

Originally published November 18, 2005

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Mormon Truth Podcast #3-Joseph Smith

This podcast is all about the life of Joseph Smith and some of the dirty deeds that he was involved with. Joseph Smith was not an honorable man rather a despicable, loathsome man!!

I certainly wouldn’t want my children looking up to him as an example as the Mormon Church recommends that everyone should do; unless I wanted them to spend their lives in a Federal penitentiary.

I discuss his polygamy, the Kirtland Bank failure where he defrauded most of the depositors, while sneaking out of town claiming that he was “escaping mob violence.” Yeah, I wonder why?

I also discuss problems with the First Vision, the fact that Joseph Smith married girls as young as 14, other men’s wives, other men’s pregnant wives, sisters and also Mother/Daughter combos.

Joseph Smith did it all in the name of God, while also claiming that an angel with a flaming sword would slay him if he didn’t marry virgin teenagers and all of his polygamous wives. He would promise the girls and their families “Eternal Exaltation” in exchange for their bodies.

Does this sound like a holy man to you? Does this sound like a Prophet of God? This is the man that Mormons are celebrating this year with parties and celebrations, with one more to come, his official birthday bash on December 23rd.

All I can say is, what an embarrassment that this man is the founder of the Mormon Church or any religion!! Unless you fully sustain him and all of his actions, as a Prophet of God, you are not allowed to enter the Mormon temple or receive exaltation in the highest degree of Celestial glory.

You must accept him either here in this life or the next, or you will be ETERNALLY SEPARATED from your loved ones and friends. Yeah, isn’t it wonderful?

The Mormons clearly teach that you cannot enter heaven without Joseph Smith approving. If that is the case, based on his evil, horrible, horrific life, actions and example; I would guess that most of us would be okay and not have much to worry about then.

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