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Mormon Truth #4-Tithing And Filthy Lucre-# 1

Originally published November 24, 2005

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Mormon Truth Podcast #4-Tithing And Filthy Lucre-Part 1

This podcast describes in great detail, the manner in which the Mormon Church Hierarchy, robs from the poor, to give to the rich, which is to give to themselves.

I will take you on a journey through several quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley, James E. Faust and others, to prove this to be true. You will leave this podcast with no doubts, I promise.

I will also talk very candidly about where the Church spends all their money. They are more of a real estate company/construction company than a Church.

I will also discuss all of their current projects that are underway and the Billions that they are spending on them.

The Mormon Church is nothing but a rich corporation and anything that has to do with God or Jesus, is just window dressing in order to get more filthy lucre by robbing the poor, every chance they get.

The Mormon Church and their actions, are a complete disgrace to mankind!!

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