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Mormonism Exposed-Dead Missionaries & Oct 2013 General Conference

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This is a podcast that Demon of Kolob & I recorded a few days before the Oct 2013 Mormon General Conference.

We talk about a recent missionary, Peter Allen Maughan of Issaquah, Washington that was either tragically killed or committed suicide(more than likely killed) & then we talk about women wanting to get into the Priesthood session & the absurd attempt to┬ápacify┬áthe women by decided to televise The “SECRET” Priesthood session for the first time.

Over 150 women were turned away at the door of the Mormon/Hinckley Conference Center, asking if they could get in. Women are NOT WORTHY to physically enter The Priesthood session simple because they don’t have penises. Maybe they’d let in a hermaphrodite?

I think in April, we need some women dressing up as men, to infiltrate this BS Priesthood session & test their so called, non-existent “spirit of discernment” powers..LOL!

We have a lot more podcasts that will be released soon..this is just a bonus while you’re waiting. I’ll number this podcast later, as they’ll all be published here & on iTunes very soon. I have about 15 additional episodes to publish.

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