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Mormonism Exposed-Gay Marriage LEGAL in Utah!

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This is a great podcast by my good friends Demon of Kolob and Pat Jordan. I've been busy with the family over the Holidays, so I really appreciate these guys helping out and recording a podcast in my absence & covering for me.

They discuss the current and very important ruling in Utah that gives homosexuals the right to get married, for the first time.

MORmON Inc & Governor Gary Herbert are DESPERATELY trying to get a “STAY” on the gay marriage ruling & have already tried at least 3 times & have now gone to a Supreme Court justice, stating that “irreparable damage and harm” will come to all to all Utahns if there isn’t an immediate “STAY.”

MORmON Inc. and Governor/puppet Herbert, I’m sure, if they had their BIGOTED way, would also love to instantly REVOKE all marriages that have been performed up until now and that will be performed. I predict they will continue to fail miserably, while continuing to display their utter hate, contempt and bigotry to the world while embarrassing themselves and the state of Utah! Of course these BIGOTS cowher and hide behind their cult & “religious freedom” as the reason. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

This ruling & announcement came as quite a shock and out of the blue for everyone, especially for MORmON Inc., who thankfully, never sees anything coming. “Spirit of discernment”..YEAH RIGHT!!

Demon and Pat speak about the ramifications and fallout that will follow from this and what we can expect in the future. Thanks again guys for recording this podcast and I look forward to many more by and with you.

Also, thanks to everyone for listening and sharing our podcasts. There are A LOT of people out there obviously thirsting for and seeking THE TRUTH and FACTS of MORmONISM!

2014 will be another GREAT YEAR to continue exposing the vile MORmON CULT!

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