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Pamela McCreary-2010-What’s in Your Teapot?

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"What's in Your Teapot? — Strategies for overcoming the Teapot Mentality — the need to please that leaves you feeling empty, drained, and unable to find the powerful steps to your authentic life"

Pamela McCreary is an award-winning author, actor, television producer and keynote speaker.

Professionally, Pamela has run the gamut of experience: acting (over 100 television and radio commercials), writing (award-winning author of Out of the Shadows), Managing Editor of Denver's Life Magazine, and producer of the award-winning Three Perfect Days series for United Airlines.

Her memoir, Dancing On The Head Of A Pin, has just been released by Ghost Road Press: In this inspiring memoir, Pamela McCreary recounts with refreshing honesty her life inside the somewhat secret world of Mormonism.

Raped at nineteen, she was certain it was her punishment for disobedience, and so attempted to design a righteous, and thereby, safe life. Married at the age of twenty-one in the Mormon Temple in Washington D.C., McCreary embarks on a life of motherhood and homemaking.

Hoping to find security and fulfillment, she turns her back on the over-riding passion of her life. In the process, she loses herself, her religion, and the love she desires above all.

McCreary's journey of reclamation, reconciliation, and faith is both poignant and funny – and a testament to the healing power of love.

This is a story for anyone who has ever lost hope and heart, and Pamela tells the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth about her "one-step forward, one-step back" journey away from the Mormon church and toward her real self.

Through it all, she learned how to fight those old victim feelings that are familiar to so many of us. She will share strategies and practices for reclaiming your power and stepping to your authentic life.

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