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The main PBS link to The Mormons

To view the entire Documentary on PBS in 2 parts(each one with 12 chapters but they’re continuous) click here

Transcript for Part 1

Transcript for Part 2

Full transcripts of all the Interviews

Below, I’ve posted all 24 separate parts of the PBS Documentary “The Mormons”, divided up first by part/night 1 & then part/night 2. Each part or night has 12 chapters or topics, which I’ve also labeled. PBS will not let you watch more than one part without transferring you over to their site.

The Mormons-Part 1-1:51:06
1. Prologue [8:00]
2. Revelation [17:29](25:29)
3. The Saints [9:49](35:18)
4. Persecution [16:12](51:30)
5. Exodus [12:13](1 Hour 3:43)
6. Mountain Meadows Massacre [19:08](1 Hour 22:51)
7. Polygamy [27:05](1 Hour 49:56)
8. Credits [1:08](1 Hour 51:06)


The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 1-Prologue

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 2-The Prologue/Revelation

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 3-Revelation/The Saints

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 4-The Saints/Persecution

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 5-Persecution

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 6-Persecution/Exodus

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 7-Exodus

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 8-Mountain Meadows Massacre of 120+ innocent men, women & children

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 9-Mountain Meadows Massacre of 120+ innocent men, women & children

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 10-Polygamy/Polyandry/Child Brides/Child Rape

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 11-Polygamy/Polyandry/Child Brides/Child Rape

The Mormons-Part 1-Chapter 12-Polygamy/Polyandry/Child Brides/Child Rape/Credits

The Mormons-Part 2-1:52:19
1. Prologue [5:10]
2. The Great Accomodation [16:45](21:55)
3. The Mission [24:48](46:43)
4. Dissenters & Exiles [18:58](1 Hour 5:41)
5. The Family [21:59](1 Hour 27:40)
6. The Temple [22:48](1 Hour 50:28)
7. Credits [1:51](1 Hour 52:19)


The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 1-Prolouge/The Great Accomodation

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 2-The Great Accomodation/The Mission

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 3-The Mission

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 4-The Mission

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 5-The Mission/Dissenters & Exiles

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 6-Dissenters & Exiles

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 7-Dissenters & Exiles/Family

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 8-Family

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 9-The Temple

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 10-The Temple

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 11-The Temple

The Mormons-Part 2-Chapter 12-The Temple/Credits

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