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Ray Hult & Nanette Martin Panel-2007-A Road Less Traveled

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Raymond A. Hult is a retired FBI Special Agent (1971-1998) and former Mormon bishop.

A fervent follower for most of his adult life based primarily on unquestioning faith, he finally determined to subject Joseph Smith to the same objective credibility standards afforded the suspects of his numerous criminal investigations.

The result so far is the publication of the first two volumes of a series entitled “An Agnostic View of Bothersome Mormon Doctrine”, and “An Agnostic View of Bothersome Christian Doctrine.

He now contends that not only was Smith a charismatic charlatan, but that the Christian concept of an eternal judgment is totally indefensible.

Nannette Duryea Martin was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and investigated the Mormon Church for over two years before her baptism at age 16. This decision cost her family relationships and financial support for college, cutting short her attendance at UW and BYU.

She married in the temple, had six children and was a dedicated church member for over 27 years.

Suffering severe depression and health issues after trying to live the gospel and jump over the “ever raising bar,” she began a process of healing to restore her mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

In May 2007 she used the Internet in an attempt to find other Mormons on similar paths. This process led her to discover the REAL history of Mormonism.

She shared the painful and shocking information she had found with her husband and children, along with her intention to leave the church.

Her husband soon followed the same path, and they quickly determined to go to their son in the mission field to tell them of their discoveries.

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